Fan of Brooklyn 99? Here are the funniest memes about the ‘Nine-Nine!’

I have been binge-watching Brooklyn 99 for the past week and the crew is really hilarious.

If you’ve been watching them too, you’d probably relate to these funny memes.


Also, if you haven’t watched latest episodes, tread lightly as there might be spoilers without context.

Jake and Doug Judy

Captain Holt’s expressive face

That moment Captain Holt was trying something and it didn’t work

And another one from the Captain

That moment where they took a helicopter to run after a perp

Wuntch is served

How hard is it to say Boyle’s son’s name, Jake?

Gina and her best friend

The bomb

Fans were devastated when Fox canceled Brooklyn 99 after five seasons. Then, NBC swooped in and saved the day. The sixth season of this comedy cop show will return soon with NBC. We can’t wait for it!

You can watch Brooklyn 99 season 1 to 4 on Netflix.

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