Eugene Domingo in My Househusband: Ikaw Na!

When in Manila, you should get a dose of good laughs from the very humorous people here. As cliché goes: laughter is the best medicine. There may be a lot of problems in the city but we Filipinos are experts at laughing it all off. Lucky are we to have a lot of comediennes here to make laughter all the more easier. Luckier are we that there’s a Eugene Domingo or should I say, THE Eugene Domingo. She’s a multi-awarded, very talented comedian. Now she offers you another unique role in an upcoming film called “My Househusband.”

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It was my first time to attend a movie press conference as a blogger, so I was really excited.  Also, I’ve never seen Eugene Domingo in person. I’ve watched her films and I knew we were from the same high school and college, which I’m really proud of. Now I get to see her in the flesh! WOW!

I arrived early at Kenny Rogers in Katipunan. I was surprised that a press con for the press (whaaat? Press con for the press lol) was being held and the press con for bloggers only started when it’s done.

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Direk Joey Reyes was there of course, he’s a renowned director, he’s smart, sharp and candid. Later on, he said hi to us bloggers and left sooner than I wished.

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Eugene Domingo was hilarious! I think the whole event was about laughing and laughing and laughing. She never ran out of punch lines and funny statements. She had a funny commentary on every blogger who asked a question (including me). We actually felt the love because she gave candid comments about us, there’s this sense of a real connection. I don’t know if “real connection” is the best way to describe it but at other events, things tend to be more mechanical. You ask a question, the celebrity/speaker/representative answers and it’s all over. With her, it’s different; you enjoy.

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Eugene Domingo said she enjoyed the experience too. It was her first time to be with bloggers and she’s looking forward to seeing us again (I hope so too!).

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Eugene Domingo’ plays a neighbor of the couple Rod and Mia (real-life couple Juday and Ryan). Aida (her name in the movie) became very close to Rod which made Mia jealous. Eugene jokes about having Anne Curtis in No Other Woman as a peg and Direk Joey claimed that we should watch out because Eugene will beat Anne.

Eugene also said she really became very close to Ryan because they have a lot of scenes together that she’s actually closer to him than Juday now. She commended the talent of the couple in acting and she’s happy having both as friends.

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My Househusband: Ikaw Na! reflects the reality that there’s already a role reversal happening in our patriarchal society. As Eugene said, Filipinos should move forward and be open-minded about this. It’s not shameful to have a househusband as long as he also works for the betterment of the family, she said.

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My Househusband: Ikaw Na! is an official entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival. Certainly, it will be feel good movie for the whole family, more so that you have Eugene Domingo in her quirky dresses there. When in Manila, let’s support Filipino films so that the Filipino movie industry continues to be alive and kicking. Let’s all have a good laugh this Christmas season by watching My Househusband: Ikaw Na!

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