Estancia Resort Hotel Tagaytay: Have a Happy Santorini Weekend!!






In our aim to provide you with much information on where to stay when in Tagaytay,  this week, we would like to showcase yet another place which you could check out! The Santorini inspired ESTANCIA RESORT HOTEL!


I must admit, whenever I would pass by the highway going to the famous Picnic Grove, I couldn’t help but notice their eye-catching facade which looks far different from its competitors. The prices?  Their published rates are quite competitive. Very affordable. They also have a wide array of rooms and facilities to choose from to fit your needs. May it be a company meeting, conference, wedding reception, family outing or simply a romantic weekend getaway, Estancia Resort Hotel is a place which can deliver!


Going to Estancia Resort Hotel is really affordable and easy! Upon arriving at the Olivares terminal, you may ride a tricycle beside either McDo or Jollibee and pay only 25pesos (for 2)!



Let us all take you on another photo tour  for you to have an idea on what to expect on your next vacation here at Estancia Resort Hotel.



Upon arrival……




We were welcomed by Ma’am Helen! She was very warm  & very much like a mom, so we felt very comfortable!





 hmmmmm by the looks of it, I knew we were once again at the right place and time!




There is more to Estancia Resort Hotel than meets the eye. Their front desk and reception areas may be very Mediterranean inspired but we were surprised to discover that they actually have various accommodation  types to suit your needs. From standard hotel type rooms, deluxe rooms for couples, native “bahay kubos” for a more Pinoy feel to even a luxurious stay at their Santorini suites – all these are being offered right here at Estancia Resort Hotel!





 have a very Pinoy overlooking trip!




deluxe rooms for couples as well




 or have a grand Santorini inspired vacation!




 expect a very warm welcome and never miss this ride as they take you to your room!




 Deluxe Santorini Room




 Executive Santorini suite: this is where we stayed! Really cozy!




it comes with shower and tub 




…and a spectacular view!! 






Relax and Unwind…


There are quite a number of things to do here at Estancia Resort Hotel. We never thought that the property would be so huge! After checking in our room, we decided to tour the place and take loads of photos as always….



never a boring weekend here! 



Frank and I enjoyed the Santorini inspired sights. It felt relaxing to see new things and breathe fresh air of course! 






Although there were no available spa treatments during that time, we still enjoyed the amenities that were offered to us….




 Frank as he chillaxes by the pool




Everytime you check-in at Estancia Resort Hotel, you are entitled to 1 hour use of their Jacuzzi and Sauna!



 20-30mins inside the sauna  is usually enough



we love chit-chatting at the jacuzzi!



The dining experience which you give to your guests play a very big role in making them return. During our visit at Estancia, we were served with their specialties. I would have to say that like with all establishments, they also had their set of hits and misses. No matter how glamorous the presentation is, it all boils down to its over-all taste. The temperature and quality of the meats and produce are all very vital in the success of every dish. We’d like to show you the dishes which we found satisfying..



Estancia Resort Hotel offers and array of Mediterranean  inspired dishes. Here are some of the dishes which we enjoyed the most……


Hungarian Goulash 

A meal itself indeed!  A tomato based stew with veggies and tender beef chunks! Very satisfying!




Broiled Romaine Salad with Anchovy Dressing (they used Balayan Bagoong) 

This is actually a very interesting salad that goes with a huge serving. It’s our first ever time to experience a kind of salad with our very own “bagoong” as the dressing. Foreigners seem to enjoy this a lot!




 Expect the dressing to be salty so be sure to balance each bite well with greens, croutons and eggs




Pan Roasted Maya-Maya Fillet with Feta, Olives and Roasted Bell Pepper Sauce

this one would be my most favorite I believe! I love the taste of their fresh feta cheese! It complimented the fish nicely! I wish it had more feta though. I strongly believe that they should focus on their Mediterranean dishes more. More Feta please!!!!




 Potato Leek Soup

Now this is a perfect example of a very simple yet  satisfying soup! I wish their toasts were served warm though and with some butter on the side won’t hurt I guess!




Baked Country Style Pork Ribs with Tagaytay Pineapple and Dijon Mustard 

In honor of the fruit that is well known in Tagaytay comes this comforting dish. I hardly tasted the Dijon mustard though and I wish the pork ribs were more tender to the bite. The dish is delicious nonetheless 




Something worth doing whenever at Estancia Resort Hotel….

I think it’s safe to say now that both Frank and I have learned to love spending time at verandas! I’m sooo glad that Estancia Resort Hotel provides spectacular views and very ideal settings to enjoy this. Nothing beats meaningful conversations over simple meals while savoring a one of a kind view of the world’s smallest volcano plus the fresh cool air Tagaytay is known for.




another great morning to savor! 


Bangusilog for me 




Tapsilog for carnivorous  Frank



 nom nom nom nom nom




enjoyed another lovely morning!  Morning with Frank: priceless




We are so blessed and grateful for  spending a simple yet very lovely weekend there at Estancia Resort Hotel. They may have their set of hits and misses with the food but I believe that they can definitely improve more overtime. With the many years Estancia has been up and running, I’m sure that like us, people find Estancia as a nice, affordable and ideal place to spend the weekend when in Tagaytay!



So when in Manila, and would like to spend a nice yet affordable weekend/vacation in cool Tagaytay, Estancia Resort Hotel is definitely one place you should consider checking out!






Estancia Resort Hotel

Zone II Brgy. San Jose
Tagaytay City, Tagaytay 4120

Phone: (046) 4131133 to 35 / (046) 4131331 / 09392379813 / 09151349426
Fax: (046) 4131047


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Estancia Resort Hotel Tagaytay: Have a Happy Santorini Weekend!

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