Escape Reality in Soulstice Spa


WHEN IN MANILA, with all workload, school work, and other kinds of load, one can’t help but feel stressed and drained. With that, one needs to escape reality and just relax in order to feel whole and function effectively again.


That’s where Soulstice Spa comes in.




With literally over thirty dream-worthy services, Soulstice Spa has the ticket to each and everyone’s escape from reality.


After a super duper deadly hell week in college, my friend, Wilamy, and I went over to Soulstice Spa to get the total relaxation our body is craving for.







To get the total relaxation feel, we stayed at Soulstice Spa’s couple room for a more private treatment.


First off, we tried out Soulstice Spa’s Body Ritual Line which consists of an hour of body scrubbing and another hour of Swedish massage.


Soulstice Spa’s body scrub was super relaxing that one can’t help but doze off with the relaxing hands of their masseuse. And the super soft skin you leave with is an added plus too; as for Soulstice Spa’s body massage—pure bliss.









After a heavenly scrub and massage, we headed over to Soulstice Spa’s common room for some hands and feet pampering.


With all the walking that college students have to do around campus, it’s safe to say that my feet’s pretty much dead tired. And Soulstice Spa’s heavenly foot spa just revived them.





Soulstice Spa’s foot massage was super nice and the lotions and creams they used smelled super good too.





So if you’re feeling super tired and just want to relax and escape reality for a bit, head on over to Soulstice Spa for some lovin’ and relaxing WHEN IN MANILA.







Soulstice Spa’s Fish spa looks super cute too! I can’t wait to try ‘em out in my next visit.



All photos taken by Wilamy Te



Soulstice Spa

Contact: (02) 234.11.36 or (0923) 741.63.39

Visit: Greenhills Town Center, Granada Street, 1112, Quezon City

Hours: Monday-Sunday from 11:00 am-12:00 am

Escape Reality in Soulstice Spa