ENTERTAINMENT: ‘Goblin’ actor Lee Dong-wook and K-pop star Suzy confirm breakup

Nearly four months after Goblin actor Lee Dong-wookย and K-pop star Suzy firstย confirmed that they were dating, theย two have confirmed that they have broken up have split up.

Suzy’s agency,ย JYP Entertainment, said the two “naturally” went their separate ways “because they both had busy schedules, it was difficult for them to meet,” according toย Soompi.

Meanwhile, Lee’s agency, King Kong by Starship, said “itโ€™s true that Lee Dong-wook and Suzy have broken up. They naturally grew apart as they became busier.”

Lee is currently working on a new drama,ย Life, which will air in Korea starting July. On the other hand, Suzy is busy working onย Vagabond.

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