ENTERTAINMENT: Dylan Sprouse is Going Back to Acting!

They were first known to be adorable twin child stars in Disney’s The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, but after taking a bit of time off from showbiz to get their college degrees, fans weren’t exactly sure if the world would be seeing more of the Sprouse twins on-screen. Of course, that all changed when Cole Sprouse resurfaced and was widely known yet again for playing Jughead Jones in the Riverdale series.

Now, it seems that the other half of the twins will be returning to acting as well. Dylan Sprouse is reported to be starring in an indie film, Carte Blanche, this year.

The film’s director, Eva Doležalová, has shared photos of Dylan on the set of the movie.

#CarteBlanche Day 2

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#CarteBlanche Gideon and Lulu

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Of course, fans didn’t shy away from proclaiming their excitement. The brothers, who recently celebrated their birthdays, couldn’t help but speak up on Dylan’s return–and in the most “Sprouse Twins” way possible.

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Cole Sprouse, after seeing that his twin has been trending with the news, had the best response which he shared through a tweet:

Dylan had to clap back, of course, because that’s what these twins do.

How’s that for brotherly love?

It’s definitely going to be such a joy to see both twins back on-screen again! Welcome back, Dylan!

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