ENTERTAINMENT: CNBlue Is Coming Back To Manila!

K-Pop fans rejoice! CNBlue, one of the most famous Korean bands today, is coming back to Manila!

The news was announced by the group’s agency, FNC Entertainment. FNC tweeted a poster of CNBlue’s upcoming Between Us Asia Tour 2017.

The four-piece band will be starting the tour in Singapore on July 1. Their second stop will be in Manila!

That’s right, CNBlue will be in the country on July 8. Time to save up, Filipino Boice!

This is going to be their third full solo concert in Manila–the first being Blue Moon in 2013. Also, this is their fourth time to be in the Philippines–their latest visit was just last March for One K Global Campaign.

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The pop-rock Korean band, composed of Jung Yong-hwa, Lee Jong-hyun, Kang Min-hyuk, and Lee Jung-shin, is known for their hit songs ‘I’m A Loner’ and ‘I’m Sorry’, among others.

We’re so stoked to see CNBlue yet again! I don’t think we’ll never get tired of seeing this bunch perform on our Manila stage. Keep coming back, CNBlue!

There go your July plans! Mark your calendars, Filipino Boice.

Will you be watching CNBlue’s Between Us concert? What’s your favorite song? Share it with us below!

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