Enjoy the sun, surf and sand courtesy of Surfista Travels: Weekend Surfing Tours in La Union



If there’s one thing that people can definitely attribute to yours truly, its my passion for traveling! From international flights to local road trips, I love going to different places and trying new things! However, this may sound pathetic, but out of the 12 years or so of my living in the Philippines, I have never EVER gone surfing. Come to think of it, not only does it make me seem pathetic, but I come off as deprived as well. After all, not being able to surf defeats the whole purpose of living on a tropical island. 


So when in Manila and tired of the traffic and dense population, take a breather, get out of town and hit the beach! In fact, why don’t you up the ante and sign up for an awesome surf tour courtesy of Surfista Travels Philippines!  Not only is this a great getaway for you, your family and friends, but its a great way to entertain tourists as well! 


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Surfista Travels offers surf tour groups and packages which include transportation, accommodation, surf lessons, and board rentals. work with the best surf resorts and surf schools so that you will have the most amazing experience. Learn how to surf with San Juan Surf School and stay at the legendary San Juan Surf Resort in La Union for the weekend!


Tour Package is inclusive of:

    1. Roundtrip Private Transfers: Manila to La Union, La Union to Manila
    2. Private Instruction and 3 LESSONS with San Juan Surf School (1 hour/lesson)
    3. Surfing Equipment Rental – surfboard & legrope
    4. Rashguard Rental
    5. Overnight Accommodation at the beachfront San Juan Surf Resort (spacious airconditioned rooms)
    6. Toll & gas fees
    7. Breakfast at the San Juan Surf Resort Restaurant
    8. Transportation within San Juan to try different local restaurants (unless participants would like to experience riding the jeepneys!)
    9. Certificate of Attendance
    10. Products from our sponsors – Lightwater, Vitaminboost, Yabang Pinoy, 7107 Island Travel Magazine  a Surfista Travels T-shirt by Agos Pilipinas
    11. Internet access and 24-hour security


Limited slots available. Surf trip fee: P4,500

*Meals are not included since our clients have different tastes & meal preferences. We will have the option of going to different restaurants and trying different kinds of food during the weekend.


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So, what are you waiting for? When in Manila and with summer right around the corner, book your tours now and enjoy an awesome surf tour in the country’s hottest surfing destination! Not only do you get to hit the waves, but you also get to train and learn with the best in the local industry and make new friends as well! Whoot! Contact Surfista Travels now, I definitely will! 


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Enjoy the sun, surf and sand courtesy of Surfista Travels: Weekend Surfing Tours in La Union