ECOMOM | Benefits of Having a UV Sterilizer VS a Regular Baby Bottle Sterilizer

Sterilizing is no easy task. It is very tedious and requires too much effort. The most dreaded part would be the work that you have to do after the sterilization process: the drying process – should we just wipe it off or air-dry it? This is a normal scenario when you’re using a regular baby bottle sterilizer. All parents would know what I am talking about. The two final steps seem to defeat the purpose of sterilization.

ECOMOM has finally provided a solution for this dilemma: UV Sterilizer and Dryer (and Deodorizer)!

“Ecomom is the first of its kind to sterilize and eliminate 99.9% of bacteria on surfaces using UV-C light. Aside from the UV Sterilizing power, it has PTC heater fan to dry the items inside ECOMOM. It can sterilize, dry, and store items such as baby bottles, bottle nipples, pacifiers, breastpump parts, utensils, plates, teething toys. It can even sterilize mobile phones, remote controls, stuffed toys, accessories, etc.
Its ability to eliminate harmful bacteria such as Escherichia Coli, Staphylococcus Aureus, Salmonella Typhimurium, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, has been validated by KCL Korea Conformity Laboratories.”

Here are 6 reasons why having an ECOMOM is a must for every parent and why it is better than a regular bottle sterilizer:


6. Lower energy consumption

Did you know that Ecomom uses only 80 watts compared to steam sterilizers that use around 500 watts?! Yep! Amazing right?

5. No burn risk

ECOMOM does not use steam or hot water, making it very safe to use.

4. No water mess and spots

Since ECOMOM uses UV to sterilize, you won’t have to deal with water spots, mineral deposits and wet counter-tops; you don’t need to worry about having molds growing on bottles or other parts. Also, no need to regularly descale deposits that accumulate in steam sterilizer machines.


3. More versatile: you can now sterilize and deodorize baby’s stuffed toys (and more)

Have you ever wished you could sterilize baby’s talking teddy bear that has parts that cannot be submerged in water? Rejoice for ECOMOM has a very spacious storage shelf where you can put baby’s toys in and let the UV-C light do its magic.

The UV sterilizer does not limit its usage to all things baby but can also be used for various purposes such as gadgets, remote controls, books, beauty tools like makeup brushes and sponges, toothbrushes, utensils, etc!

Furthermore, “With the deodorization cycle, the anion feature cleans up the air and removes the odor inside the items. It can effectively remove odor from food or milk smell residue from bottles or containers.”

All items will come out clean and odor-free! (no more foul-smelling plastic food containers)



2. Automatic Dryer

“The auto cycle dries the items first before UV sterilizing. It uses optimal temperature of 50 to 53 degrees Celsius. This is the best temp to dry the items as it won’t cause bacteria to breed.”

Ecomom is hassle-free and definitely saves time, which is a precious commodity to any parent. It dries the items inside the UV cabinet and eliminates the extra step of air drying or cloth wiping. This is the most tedious task for me and I love the fact that Ecomom has solved this problem. No more transferring  of bottles to a drying rack and no more cloth-wiping: it’s guaranteed to be more hygienic!



1. Extra Storage

Since Ecomom is a cabinet type UV sterilizer, it also serves as storage after the sterilization process. This means, zero clutter! It can hold up to 12 bottles plus accessories. The rack is designed specifically for bottle nipple and pacifiers so there’s always a place for even the tiniest baby stuff. You can leave everything inside – grab and go whenever you please.


Ecomom is definitely one of the coolest and most useful gadget for any parent. Parents can now efficiently and conveniently sanitize items without the risk burns, hassle of setting-up or clean up. All items for baby, electronics and other personal stuff for sterilization can be organized and stored until you need them while 99.9% of bacteria are killed with the simple touch of a button.

ECOMOM UV Sterilizer, Dryer and Deodorizer

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