Dua Lipa posted a make-up free selfie and reminds us not to be embarrassed of ‘spotty’ skin

Dua Lipa recently posted on her Instagram story a selfie-boomerang showing off her “spotty, post-facial” skin. The Grammy-award winning singer had been on the way home from the airport when she took to social media to reveal the natural look. She shares that she was posting because she wanted to be “ok” with the flaws in her skin!

Dua Lipa 2

The selfie surprised many of her fans who are used to her ‘on point’ make-up looks, but they wholly embraced her promotion of self-love and acceptance. She captioned her photo:

There were paps at the airport and I held my bag over my face bc my skin is all spotty post facial and now on the drive home I realised how silly that was and I should just be ok with the changes in my skin. So here it is!

Dua Lipa 1


I think what we can take away here is that we should never be embarrassed by the way our skin looks. Spots from facials, zits from stress, and wrinkles from age are all regular things everyone experiences. If a singer like Dua Lipa can bare her flaws to millions of followers, maybe we can all start to embrace our own a little at a time.

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What do you think of her ‘bare face’ selfie?