Doug Kramer Just Shared This Awesome Throwback Photo Of Him And Chesca For Their Anniversary

Doug Kramer and Chesca Garcia-Kramer, who have been together for a really long time and have three adorable kids: Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin, are a true definition of #couplegoals and #familygoals.

Aside from having a gorgeous family together, it seems that Doug and Chesca haven’t lost that spark between them, if their Instagram photos are any indication!

The two are always having fun and joking with each other, and it’s clear that they know each other so well. After all, they’ve been together for 14 years, and have been married for nine years!

Dough posted this sweet throwback photo of the two in 2003, back when they were lovestruck kids and honestly, it’s totally adorbs. They look like they could have been that year’s favorite love team on a teen show!

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In the caption, Doug wrote:

It’s our 9th wedding anniversary but also our 14th year anniversary together.
This is 2003, Payatots! ?
Not the most flattering pic of us but it just shows how young we look. Well, me more. Since you age 1 year only every 5 years.

Happy anniversary honey!

Never change, you two.

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