Does Virgin Coconut Oil Help Ease COVID-19 Symptoms?

A study conducted by the Philippine government showed that virgin coconut oil (VCO), when taken as a supplement to other treatments, could help improve the symptoms of COVID-19.

Previous researches highlight beneficial effects of VCO. VCO contains lauric acid and monolaurin. These are medium-chain fatty acids which have demonstrably significant antimicrobial activity against gram positive bacteria and a number of fungi and viruses. These previous data suggest a possible benefit of VCO against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19 infection.

The Food and Nutrition Research Institute under the Department of Science and Technology led a study which sought to evaluate the beneficial effects of the virgin coconut oil (VCO) among suspect and probable cases of COVID-19.

The study involved 57 patients at two isolation facilities in Santa Rosa, Laguna. For 28 days, 29 patients were given standardized meals mixed with VCO, while the other 28 became the control group and received no VCO doses. As early as day 2, there are already 5 patients with decreasing signs and symptoms of COVID-19. By Day 18, all of the patients at the VCO group experienced no more symptoms.

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The diminishing signs and symptoms of COVID-19 in the VCO group was supported by the decreasing levels of C-reactive protein (CRP), a marker used to monitor inflammation or infections.

This development, while very much welcome, also brings to the spotlight the reality that many people have difficulty ingesting coconut oil in its original form. Surely there must be a solution to this dilemma?

Introducing GROWRICH Virgin Coconut Oil Capsules, the first in capsule form approved by the Food and Drugs Administration since June 2005. GROWRICH pure virgin coconut oil is extracted from fresh coconut meat by natural means, a patented process that ensures the oil is free of chemicals without subjecting it to heat.

“Our breakthrough product will make it easier for people to take virgin coconut oil and enjoy its health benefits. Among other things, the high amount of lauric acid in extra virgin coconut oil helps the heart by reducing total cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol,” said Dr. Ed Lalusis, President and CEO of Growrich Manufacturing, Inc.

GROWRICH Virgin Coconut Oil Capsules is the VCO you can easily pop into your mouth. It’s also ideal for those who live in countries where the colder weather causes oil to harden or freeze. Another advantage is that VCO in capsule form protects the oil’s integrity as it’s not exposed to air which can result in it being rancid.

The first patented VCO in a capsule thats FDA approved

Growrich, a toll manufacturing company for the food and pharmaceutical industry, manufactures in accordance with the current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards under the supervision of the Food and Drug Administration to ensure product quality and safety.

Every GROWRICH Virgin Coconut Oil Capsules contains saturated and unsaturated fatty acids and essential fatty acids that are heart-friendly and offer so many other health benefits as well. Virgin coconut oil is extracted from a single press of fresh coconut meat that’s been grated and dried for two hours at a temperature lower than 40 degrees Celsius. It is more premium than other coconut oils because there is no second press, thus the yield per kg is lower than those produced from other processes.

Virgin coconut oil is known as the world’s healthiest oil that provides benefits for the body, face, hair and skin.

GROWRICH Virgin Coconut Oil Capsules have antioxidant properties that help build and maintain the immune system, boost energy and vitality, improve the body’s ability to absorb important minerals, promote weight loss, keep blood sugar in check, aid in treating bacterial/fungal/viral infections, reduce the risk of heart attacks, strokes and cancer, lower cholesterol, help improve poor skin texture and reduce falling hair, prevent constipation, promote lauric acid in breastfeeding mothers and help in the proper distribution of nutrients.

The recommended dosage for GROWRICH Virgin Coconut Oil Capsules is 1-2 a day, to be taken with meals.

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