Do You Have a Relative Running in the Elections? Find Out Here!

Do You Have a Relative Running in the Elections Find Out Here

Ever wondered if you’re related to anyone running in this year’s elections? Now you can find out, with Bilang Pilipino’s Kamag-anak Finder.

All you need to do is type your surname and wait to see if there are any matches. If there’s a match, it will show you the candidate’s name, the position he or she is running for, and the location.

Of course, the database doesn’t reveal if you’re related to the candidate. It will only show those who have the same surnames. So if you have the surname de la Cruz, you’ll find 11 results, while dela Cruz will yield 169 results.

The activity will only be helpful if you have a not-so-common surname. This writer found out that there’s a Jojo Arsua running for councilor in La Castellana, Negros Occidental. This writer doubts that they’re related since his family is from Cebu.

Besides the Kamag-anak Finder, the website also has a candidate matchup where you can compare candidates, a virtual ballot where you can practice voting, and a summary of your hometown’s voting history.

Want to know if you’re related to anyone? Check out this link!