Do This if You are Tired of Being Single

When you are on top of your career and your family is stable, nothing should stop you from finding The One. Now you can put yourself first and truly make an effort to attract more love into your life. It does not matter whether you are male or female – if you want to have a relationship, you must actively search for it; not in an obnoxious, desperate way, but in a skilled manner that produces results. 

Truthfully, if everyone realized this skillfulness aspect of love, there would be less broken hearts in the world. However, blinded by cultural stereotypes and brainwashed by endless films and books that overly romanticize relationships, people are left with a distorted view of love that makes successful relationships rare. 

This is not to say love is less magical than it is. It only highlights the importance of raising your love intelligence and realizing that you have more agency than you think in manifesting the long-term partner and relationship that you want. Are you ready to take action? Follow the tips below and learn how to not be single today.

  1. Look for someone to love, not someone to use.

Make this the foundation of your search for love and you will not be single for long. A genuine intention always shines through. Love attracts love. However, if you only want a partner to plug a hole in your soul, to find a human crutch, or for any other self-serving reason, then you are setting yourself up for failure. Being in a healthy relationship means sharing love without conditions. If you find that you have personal demands, it is much better to use your single time to meet these needs for yourself first.     

  1. Put yourself out there.

Home-Office-Home will not cut it anymore. You want to be in the best position to attract love and show love. The easiest way to do this is to spend more time doing things that inspire you. You are more attractive when you are having fun! Travel more, do sports, visit weekend markets, play video games with other people, join yoga retreats – do whatever it is that puts a smile on your face. People are sure to notice. There is also the bonus that when you do things you love, you are surrounded by people who share your interests, which makes starting conversations easier.

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  1. Be more open and spontaneous.

If you keep the same routine, your relationship status will not change. Meeting new people is always helpful in attracting more love into your life, so commit to being more open and spontaneous. Now is the time to try things you have always been interested in, but never followed through. Have you always wanted to work out but are super insecure about your body? Find the courage to show up at the gym to be healthier and meet new people. Were you always curious about traveling abroad solo? Look for cheap tickets and enjoy the company of an international crowd. Remember: You always have the power to create opportunities for love to blossom.

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  1. Surprise yourself!

Vulnerability is essential to attracting love. From time to time, take yourself out of your comfort zone and see how life can surprise you. If you are a woman, try to start a conversation with that stranger next to you in the coffee shop. Most people are welcoming, and often, are just as afraid as you are to make the first move. For men, sign-up to that yoga retreat and surround yourself with beautiful, supportive women for an entire weekend. It does not matter whether you have never done a single asana in your life – this only makes this strategy work more in your favor!

  1. Relax.

You are allowed to define love for yourself. If it comes later in life, after you already have a child, or with a person with the same gender, nothing wrong with that. The boy-meets-girl tradition may work for some people, while online dating does the trick for others. All good, right? There is no one size fits all on how to find love. What matters here is that you are being true to yourself and not succumbing to external pressures. Just relax – as long as you are constantly improving yourself and raising your love intelligence, that long-term relationship is never far behind. 

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