Disney Channel Is Airing Its First LGBT Storyline

Disney Channel has truly come a long way!

The youth-oriented channel is pioneering a first among its shows, and is finally airing an LGBT storyline involving one of its main characters in Andi Mack!
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Andi Mack, which is created by Sex and the City writer Terri Minsky, is a coming-of-age show where the titular character, Andi, is a 13-year-old girl figuring out where she belongs as she deals with a peculiar family situation.

The second season of show Andi Mack will portray two of its teen characters, Andi (played by Peyton Elizabeth Lee) and her best friend Cyrus (played by Joshua Rush) admit that they are attracted to the same boy.
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Cyrus will be exploring his identity, going through a journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance as a gay teenager for the upcoming season.
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In a statement, the Walt Disney Company said that its brand has always been about “stories that reflect acceptance and tolerance and celebrate the differences that make our characters uniquely wonderful in their own way.”

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