Desserts Specialists: Finding Sweet Heaven On Earth!

When in Manila, friends give you heads up on great finds. And when they do call you, don’t hesitate to say yes! I got a call from a friend and as soon as we hung up, I grabbed my daughter’s hand and sped off to Scout Gandia in Quezon City to see what delish goodies Desserts Specialists has to offer. Spotting the shop was easy and though I don’t drive, I note that parking won’t be too hard.

We were greeted warmly by the staff. While my eyes feasted on their display, a petite lady arrived and her sweet smile made me guess correctly that she was one of the owners. Elena and I chatted a bit, and I found out that she and her partner Michelle just started their business in July. The two are hands on in cooking and baking, even in washing the dishes. It was pleasing to know that their kitchen is just above their shop.

Almond Cookies




Our first bite was the Almond Cookies. It was yummy enough for me and my daughter and I had to remind her not to chew too quickly. I recognized a glint in her eyes that said “Mum, I want this baon for school, everyday!”





 Macadamia Sans Rival P70/slice or P1,600/whole




Just so readers know, I’m not fond of nuts on anything, hence, when they served us their Macadamia Sans Rival, I thought I would only take one teensy weensy bite just to get it over with. It was wonderfully not too nutty for my taste but there was something different, I really couldn’t tell which, so I took another bite..and another…until I realized I was actually enjoying it. My buds could tell that the nuts weren’t too distracting from the buttery layers of this popular favorite.



Cream Puff P60/pc 




  My creamy goodness!




It doesn’t surprise me that the Cream Puff is their best-seller. I couldn’t wait to have a go at it. The caramel topping was smoothly glazed, the cream filling was generous and then I totally forgot my name, haha. That good! Now this one I savored as long as it took me, letting the creaminess linger in my tongue as I sip my coffee. Oh my.




 Chocolate Cupcake and Red Velvet Cupcake




 Now you see it…




 …now you don’t!




Recalling from our conversation, the Chocolate Cupcakes were Elena’s personal favorite. However, before I could have a taste, my daughter has finished eating it all up and was already slurping on her Cookies and Cream Milkshake. Enough said. I bet we would also be back for this one.

TIramisu P90/pc or P1,400/whole

Tiramisu P90/pc or P1,400/whole




I saved the Tiramisu for last due to the fact that I’m a coffee person and I take mine black. I had a very impressive 1st Tiramisu experience in childhood and I always compare whenever I get the chance to. Although, I would have liked it to be more bitter to suit my taste, there was no clashing of bitter and sweet with Desserts Specialists’ Tiramisu. Even if I sensed a little lack of rum, (teehee!) it was just right for a sunny afternoon spent with my daughter and friend.






Revel Bar P40/pc.

 Revel Bar P40/pc 




Green Tea Opera P90/pc or P2,200/whole (approx. 11x15)

Green Tea Opera P90/pc or P2,200/whole (approx. 11×15)




I had no more room for their scrumptious looking Revel Bar (another best-seller) and Green Tea Opera (layered with Belgian chocolate) but I’ve made up my mind to try them on our next visit.



 Me and the charming Ms. Elena Chew




Desserts Specialists is also planning to serve sandwiches and pasta dishes. Meanwhile, to those who’d like to be thoughtfully early, Desserts Specialists is already prepping up for everybody’s favorite season with their Christmas Cupcakes, discounted with 5% off for 12 pcs; and 10% off for 24 pcs. The Chocodamia Cookies are sold for P150/canister (9pcs). The Revel Bars are sold for P360/box (8bars), discounted with 5% off for 12 boxes; and 10% off for 24 boxes. Of course, they are also offering Fruitcakes baked with cranberries, walnuts and grapefruit at P300/box, with 5% off for 12 boxes. They also do dessert buffets. Whole cakes are available, order three days in advance.




 Christmas Cupcakes P75/pc. 




I’m not exaggerating when I say I was transported back to my childhood. Back when my mama would bake all kinds of treats and she would pretend annoyance from sudden disappearances of her pies, cakes, cookies and such, while preparing another batch. Sweet tooth or not, coming to Desserts Specialists was heavenly!

Desserts Specialists

 #3, Scout Gandia St., cor Sct. Reyes St., Quezon City.

Business hours are 12NN-9PM.

For orders and inquiries, you may contact these numbers: 0922-8669243, 0915-2058939 and 0917-9795979.

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Desserts Specialists: Finding Sweet Heaven On Earth!


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