DERMTROPICS: Your Green Beauty Holy Grail for Body & Hair Care!

Step into the world of natural beauty and discover the magic of DERMTROPICS—a brand born from love and nurtured by nature!

Raised by a dermatologist mother, Margaux Arambulo-Lucena, along with her husband Miko Lucena, created DERMTROPICS with a deep-rooted passion for skincare that’s gentle yet effective.  They’re all about steering clear of harsh chemicals and embracing the power of Mother Earth’s gifts.

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From the magical realm of organic Philippine coconuts, DERMTROPICS harnesses the purest and most potent ingredient—Organic Wet-milled Virgin Coconut Oil. This environment-friendly method preserves the oil’s antioxidants and aroma, making it a matchless beauty elixir!


And guess what? They’re not just green beauty advocates, but also warriors for the environment!  Through their “Adopt A Tree” program and recycling initiatives, every DERMTROPICS purchase helps heal Mother Nature!

Welcome the sensational Rissa Mananquil Trillo as their green beauty ambassador!  With her passion for the environment and empowering women, she’s the perfect match for DERMTROPICS’ vision.


Experience their skin and hair care range crafted with love and nature’s wisdom—raw, organic, and dermatologist-tested! From gentle cleansers to soothing lotions, DERMTROPICS caters to your unique needs with low pH formulas and dreamy ingredients.

Come, join the “COCOmmunity,” and embrace green beauty with DERMTROPICS—the perfect balance between beauty and nature!  Let’s make the world a greener, more beautiful place!  #DERMTROPICS #GreenBeautyRevolution #EmbraceYourRawBeauty

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