“Dead Flies” Showed the Alternative Side of the Local Drag Scene and We Loved It

Dead Flies Drag Playhouse 2

When we think of the art of drag, what usually comes to mind is the glamorous or funny side of it. We think of beautiful queens with polished makeup, gorgeous hair, and stunning clothes, or the funny quips they make in their shows. Drag Playhouse PH showed a different side to the art form with their latest show, Dead Flies.

Drag Playhouse PH is the leading provider of local drag content and entertainment. They helped the community shift to digital by hosting parties, events, and shows all related to drag, which were interrupted because of the pandemic.


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In Dead Flies, they attempt to show the alternative side of drag and performance through challenging pieces that are far from the flamboyant, glamorous, and sparkly shows we see in clubs and on TV. The name Dead Flies was selected to highlight the performances that mainstream audiences find taboo or the least entertaining (or nilangaw).

According to Drag Playhouse PH, “what it lacks in sunshine and color will make up for its depth and emotional grip. As the production exudes an enigmatic and mysterious appeal, the performances promise to bring about a psychological and intimate experience as they unfold their stories through their bodies and art.”


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The show featured performances from ØV CÜNT, Brian Moreno, Paolo Dumlao, Turing, Travistea, Stealth, Angel01d, and Bohovee. Each artist had their chance to showcase their talent, whether it was through dance, a short film, lights and sounds, and even cooking.

Travistea performed a conceptual number about blending in and questioning whether life is a simulation. What impressed us about her performance is that she essentially created a short film complete with a storyboard and a handpainted set. Turing, a lipsync assassin, gave sensual performances that titillated the audience. Dumlao, a multi-disciplinary artist, performed in the nude with ropes. Another highlight was Bohovee, who cooked chapati while chanting “chapati ross.”


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What struck us the most while watching was how conceptual these performances were, and how the pandemic encouraged these artists to create work that pushes boundaries and strays from the mainstream idea that drag is glamor. Sure, Angel01d and Brian Moreno’s acts had a touch of allure but it was mostly subversive. ØV CÜNT’s lipsync numbers of a German song and Cabaret‘s “Maybe This Time” was fun to watch. Stealth did not make an appearance but their combination of lights and sounds was hypnotic.

The art of drag thrives on the cheers of its audience but Drag Playhouse PH proves that the scene can be recreated online. ØV CÜNT, who also directed the show, gathered a topnotch set of performers and allowed each one of them to shine. The production may be called Dead Flies but local drag sure is alive and kicking.

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