Crossing the Pamplona River in True Northern Fashion

Less than three hours away from the city of Tuguegarao in Cagayan is Pamplona, a serene town with a river that flows towards the ocean and makes way to a blossoming tourism.

The town of Pamplona has always been known for its fresh seafood and wide acres of coconut and nipa trees, but it is now opening up to tourism through the arrival of its floating cottages.

Painted in vibrant colors, with entertainment and cooking facilities onboard, the floating cottages will offer you a unique northern experience. It is one great way to explore the town, as it crosses the Pamplona River, brings you to the beach, and travels back to the river.

Considering that it comes with free gallons of drinking water, a gas stove, and videoke, which you can use for eight hours, renting a floating cottage is fairly cheap. The smaller one that can fit up to 25 people costs only PhP 3,000, while the bigger one with a second floor that can accommodate up to 50 people is at PhP 4,500.

You have to make an early reservation to make sure that you get to rent one on your desired date, as there aren’t that many floating cottages yet, or usually they are already booked.

The trip schedule usually starts at 8 a.m. and ends at 4 p.m. During that time, the floating cottage will traverse the river, make a stop at the beach area, and then continue to travel along the part of the river that is surrounded by nipa trees and cultured oysters.

The tourism in Cagayan is starting to keep up with its neighboring provinces. Apart from the floating cottages, Pamplona also boasts other tourism spots such as the Pikkan Falls and Malagabavi Cave, a cave located at the foot of a mountain that is said to be shaped like a pig.

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