Crissa Campus Dance Synergy Year 10 and EGO Supreme Crew Wars Year 2

Crissa Dance Synergy Official Poster

If you haven’t heard about Crissa Campus Dance SYNERGY, well I guess you’ve been living under a rock!

Crissa Campus Dance Synergy is the country’s undisputed and biggest all-girls street dance showdown committed to providing a high-standard dance competition with a panel of professionally recognized and qualified judges.

The best dance crews from all over the Philippines are invited to converge and battles out in a spectacular display of Filipino talent and dance supremacy.

The reason behind the success of Crissa Dance Synergy, is its advocacy to help students showcase their talents and to have something that they could own for the rest of their lives.

The difference of Crissa Dance Synergy from the other competitions is that it does not require the participants to purchase any item related to the brand that organized the event. We have given the students their freedom to express and wear whatever they want. Something that best represents their personality and their school.

We made sure to get professional dancers that are eligible and credible to give points to whoever they think deserve to win. It is not a popularity contest. It is mainly about the students’ dream coming to life.

It is our objective to showcase real talents and to bring that passion to a big stadium for everyone to see and enjoy. This experience is something that the students will forever cherish.

Last year, Crissa Dance Synergy celebrated its 9th year anniversary at Araneta Coliseum.  The experience provided school’s around the country with only the best and left students with an amazing memory that motivated their school year as well as their careers in dancing. But it was no ordinary competition, as it revealed a big surprise.

EGO Supreme Crew Wars Official Poster

It was the birth of Ego Crew Wars!

Ego Crew Wars is an all-male dance competition that had its own set of Judges, Prizes and Contestants. The dance competition celebrates the world class talent of Filipino students and showcased their supremacy when it comes to dancing.

It was a back-to-back competition that no one ever expected. Crews went to The Big Dome and rocked all the way to the rafters, with war drums beating, speakers blasting and the huge crowd cheering for their favored teams from start to finish.

Join us as we celebrate its 10th year anniversary – as well as Ego Crew Wars’ 2nd year. Just imagine the surprises that they have prepared for everyone.

Both Crissa & Ego are NOW accepting participants all over the Philippines! So get your crews ready and show us what you got!

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