Conversations over Coffee at 55Square Café


55Square Café launched their Kwento at Kape series last January 29, 2017 with Rocketsheep Studio headed by Saving Sally creator, Avid Liongoren to show short films and talk about his studio, the recently-concluded MMFF entrant Saving Sally, and the animation industry through Q&A.

The Kwento at Kape series is an ongoing effort by the the café to bring people closer to their passions through casual conversations with practitioners and enthusiasts. The series is ongoing til the midyear, with topics ranging from art, literature, travel, and ecotourism.

For the second installment of Kwento at Kape, 55Square is inviting self-published author and first-time mom, Milki Jorge, to talk about her adventures and mess-adventures with her six-year old K. We are pulled into their world through short and hilarious anecdotes like:

Me: (singing Hello)
K: Mom, is that a lullaby?
Me: Oh, you like it? You want me to sing it to you?
K: No. Can you play Spotify instead?

And anecdotes that tug on your heartstrings, reminding us of what truly matters in the world.

(I was reading an article on transgender selfies, and called K over)

Me: Baby come here! Look, these people are all…


Me: Transgender–

K: Humans!

“I love You.” “I Love Chicken Nuggets.” & Other Tales of Motherhood (#ChickenNuggetProject for short) is a collection of essays and stories that take a candid look at parenthood—and being raised by the kid you’re raising. Honest, sweet, funny, and written by a totally humble author who’s also totally comfortable with all these adjectives and speaking in the third person, “ILY”“ILCN”&OToM is a tome not just for parents, but for anyone figuring out this thing called life. (Because no one’s every really done growing up, are they)?

Join 55Square Café on February 26, 2017 from 2-4pm. Copies of the book will also be available.

G/L ALCAL Bldg., 285 Katipunan Ave., Quezon City (Right beside CCA)

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