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The New Media and e-Learning EDGE Inc. present the second SPARK Training and Ideation Event: Content Marketing Workshop that will be held on October 19, 2012 at SGV Conference Hall 3rd Floor, AIM Conference Center, Jesus Del Rosario Foundation Building, Legaspi Village, Makati City.

Content Marketing combined with New Media can be turned into a strategic advantage for organizations. In this workshop you will learn the following:

  • How content marketing works given the new media channels now available to us: podcasts, videos, e-books, newsletters, webinars, online communities, whiter papers, etc
  • How Rappler, Nestle, the MMDA and other organizations use content marketing.
  • Why Content Marketing or Pull Marketing is an effective strategy VS push marketing
  • The ideal framework for Content Marketing which includes Audience Targeting, Frequency Framework, Online Editorial Calendars, Engagement Strategies, Digital Tools Mix, and more.
  • Engaging and leveraging user-generated content, and analysis and optimization

Here are the list of speakers and what they will be discussing:

Carlo Ople (Business Unit Head of online publishing for TV5.)

Content Marketing Playbook


Carlo will discuss in depth a strategic and structured approach to creating great content that will result in PULL Marketing:

  • The digital marketing framework applied to content marketing
  • Knowing your audience and defining content themes
  • Establishing an editorial calendar, and frequency
  • What type of content to use: User generated content (UGC), podcasts, Videos, Ebooks, Apps/Widgets, case studies, white papers, online communities, wikis, Webinars, Blogs, etc
  • The role of social engagement: eliciting comments and feedback from your audiences
  • Creating more “Pull” for the content you put out there
  • Plus more tactical tips!

Maria Ressa  (CEO and Executive Editor at Rappler

            Rappler: Create Great Content And They Will Come…


       Everybody knows about Rappler, now listen as Maria shares:

  • From breaking news, to live streaming interviews, videos, the Mood Meter and more. Rappler’s incredible content machinery
  • Results: growth in traffic, repeat visitors, online influence, “virality”
  • How brands like Magnum have leveraged on Rappler’s content marketing strategies
  • How Rappler engages audiences, creating more content and ‘pull’

Yves Gonzalez (Head-Communications Group, Twitter Team and Navigator Team
Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA)

               Creating Character in MMDA’s Twitter Presence


          The MMDA Twitter account, not only tweets traffic updates, it has quite a character too! How do you put together a twitter team, and design content parameters that can successfully pull in over 300,000 Twitter followers? Learn from Yves as he talks about:

  • How he designed the MMDA Twitter team
  • How do they prioritize and manage the content they tweet about
  • What are their best practices when it comes to engaging the millions that count on the MMDA for information
  • Other learnings as to why they attract various audiences (students, public officials, bloggers, etc)

Ricky Baizas (Digital Champion Nestle, Asia Pacific)

         Brands and Content Marketing


Ricky will discuss successful strategies and learnings, such as:

  • How do some multi-national brands use content marketing and social media in the Philippines?
  • How does Nestle use rewards to have audiences create content and draw more people in?
  • Creating “Peaks of Excitement”: how content marketing programs + contests can create new highs for consumers
  • Moving on from building a base to creating more engagement

Andre Yap (Founder and CEO of Ripple100)

The Next 5 Years in Digital Media: The Role of User Generated Content (UGC) in Communities, Brands and Commerce in an Increasingly Transmedia World

As founder of a digital media and technology lab focused on the transmedia interplay of content, communities, brands and commerce, Andre will share ongoing experiments in UGC on topics like:

  • The New TV/Magazine/Web: How to scale and sustain media properties by involving way more people in way more content creation, not just content sharing?
  • Native Advertising and Monetization: How to turn your brand &/or commerce banner into authentic, organic experiences within highly attractive communities?
  • Storified Commerce: What stories would people tell if stories paid for their next purchase?
  • Transmedia: Why the 30-second TVC is a crime and how to vastly expand content, audience and ROI with a simple addition to said TVC?

Roby Alampay (Editor in Chief, TV5)

Interactive News and Storytelling


What type of tools did Interaksyon use? Discussion of their interactive story telling. What makes it different from other news sites? What will be the benefits and return on your investment if you develop such tools? Does it have to be all stories or can it be on a lower frequency?

Jos Ortega (Chairman and CEO at Havas Media Ortega)

Taking Global Learnings Local + Analytics


Jos will take us through some of the more exciting global examples of content marketing and share his thoughts on how to apply things in the Philippine environment. He will also end with a discussion on: How do you measure success at the end of the day? What key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics should you monitor?

Mike Constantino (Digital Solutions Manager, Yahoo Philippines)

How to leverage on lifestyle and entertainment content to draw in your audiences.


Yahoo has experienced working with brands leveraging on its OMG, Yahoo Solutions, etc. What are the lessons learned, what was effective/not effective?

For more information about the Spark: Content Marketing Workshop visit: or contact them at 927 00 96 / 09152024406

 Content Marketing Workshop by The New Media and e-Learning EDGE Inc: Get to Know the Speakers!

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