Commuters Wait Hours in Line at LRT Station Due to Broken “BEEP” System

Just recently, the new BEEP card was released in hopes of making things a little bit easier for commuters.  During the first few weeks, commuters posted photos of an “okay” experience in buying ticket, but still getting similar results when it comes to the long lines and crowded trains. This, I guess, is a whole different issue that needs to be managed next.

However, as the BEEP card is still on it’s experimental stage, there are still minor glitches that needs fixing. And when that happens? The system goes crazy. One of our readers Remur I. shares this photo of his experience at the LRT2 station yesterday afternoon. For those taking LRT 2, it’s usually NOT that crowded, especially when compared to the MRT. However, the system failure has made the ride home/to work pretty difficult for these commuters.


“Picture was taken at Santolan lrt station. When I departed at Lrt Recto almost scenario at the image taken. It was all because of their Faulty/Out of order vending machine the latest one. I think its called BEEP. and there BEEP is not responding accurately when commuter Tap their BEEP Card. My travel from Santolan to Recto only took 30mins but Falling in line to get a ticket took us more than an hour. There we’re few guards assisting but couldn’t handle the crowd. I also posted a video on my account how many people where inside the Santolan station.”

We’re sorry for the commuters who got stuck that day, but we do hope the new BEEP card (once fully operational) will make things easier for all of us.

Were you able to experience the new LRT system? How was your experience? Do share!