This Comfortable Dotted Blanket Will Help You Sleep Better

Having trouble sleeping? While some people may attribute their lack of sleep to bad lighting or too many thoughts racing in their heads; sometimes, all you might need to sleep better at night is a better blanket.

kun kun blanket 1

kun-kun offers bed essentials that deliver a unique kind of comfort. Managed by three sisters who design and manufacture the blankets themselves, the brand was born during the onset of the pandemic when one of them gave birth to her pandemic baby. They were selling minky blankets for newborns and kids at the time and when moms started requested for one for adults, they realized they didn’t exist in the market yet. Thus the birth of one of the best blankets I’ve ever tried.

kun kun blanket 2

A lot of moms opt for dotted blankets, especially for their newborns, since it’s said that the dots can stimulate a baby’s young senses and help them ease in to the world outside the womb (that’s why babies are always touching the dots). Apparently, the protruded dots really do have a calming effect to induce better sleep, thus all of the positive feedback for their adult dotted blankets.

kun kun blanket 3

I have to give them positive feedback myself. As much trouble as I used to have falling asleep, the minute I cover myself in their comfy blanket, I find myself floating into dreamland in no time. There’s something about the texture that feels comforting and just… right. I also love how these sisters really take the time to learn what their customers need and keep finding ways to innovate. Although it did take them some time to be confident enough to actually make something out of scratch, from one prototype to another, I’m glad they took this chance to bring kun-kun to life.

kun kun cover

kun-kun’s blankets super soft, fuzzy, and full-on comfortable. They are designed to suit the Philippine climate and will give any part of your home – not just the bedroom – a look and feel of fuzziness and warmth. Whether you are looking for a comfier blanket to sleep with or simply want to improve your home products, make sure to try kun-kun’s dotted blankets in your colors of choice!


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