CoKayne Clothing : Dresses, Swimsuits and more…

When In Manila, check out CoKayne Clothing for trendy and classy dresses! Plus some more swimsuits and bikinis!



CoKayne Clothing


If trendy and classy is what you’re looking for, then CoKayne Clothing is the right destination for you! As Justine Kayne, owner and founder of CoKayne Clothing states: “CoKayne is very personal for me. As the brand name suggests, I am restless, hyper, and never contented. My clothes are the same. They are dynamic, unapologetically fresh, and innovative,” 



When in Manila on CoKayne Clothing

Given the privilege to try on and check out some of CoKayne Clothing’s products, here’s what I have to say:


I’m a fan of dresses. I just love the extremes of their designs. From summer-y bright colors, to classy, to the loud prints.. CoKayne Clothing surely has the design fit for every occasion. And yes, I believe there’s so much more to look forward to!


Cokayne Clothing L-R: Bliss Dress, Delight Dress (Php 1,399.00)




 Good quality is something I always look for in a product. CoKayne Clothing ensures that their products pass quality control before they release them for sale.


The fabric used on the dress was good in print and texture-wise. In my opinion, the dress would be more comfy if the fabric was a little thinner so that it would allow more air to pass through. That’s something I really consider given the weather here in Manila!


Cokayne Clothing L-R: Thrill Dress, Ecstatic Dress (Php 1,399.00) 


 Personally, I liked the Ecstatic Dress amongst all. I find it really classy and unique.  




CoKayne Clothing: Swimsuits and more..

The swimsuit line of Cokayne Clothing, especially their one-pieces have unique and catchy styles. As for their bikinis, the designs were okay. So here are the bikinis we were able to try on:


CoKayne Swimwear: Trance 12 at P1,399.00 



CoKayne Swimwear: Trance 08 at P1,399.00 



Not only swimwear, CoKayne Clothing also have blazers and coats available. We were able to try on two of their blazers. What I really like about them is that they made the blazers reversible. One side is plain colored and the other is the fun printed side. Yes I’m a fan of anything reversible! I find it really practical and smart. And besides, it’s like buying two for a price of one. 




Cokayne Clothing: Black coat reversible blazer at P1,799.00


Cokayne Clothing: Pink floral reversible blazer at P1,650.00


When In Manila, don’t forget to check CoKayne Clothing for more stylish one-pieces, sassy bikinis, classy and fun dresses! 



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Photos taken by Cheryl Golangco for When In Manila

MUA: Bea Chua 


CoKayne Clothing : Dresses, Swimsuits and more… 




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