The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s Giving Journals Continues the Tradition of Giving

Since the dawn of September 1st, Filipinos everywhere have been counting down the days to Christmas. The season of joy brings us a lot of blessings and while we all enjoy the fun and nostalgic traditions from putting up Christmas decorations to ripping the gift wrappers off the presents we receive, we should also remember that Christmas is a time for giving.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf  is on its 10th year celebrating their own #traditionofgiving through their annual Giving Journals. Proceeds from the Giving Journals go to helping live out the legacy of the Real LIFE Foundation, which provides opportunities for educational assistance and holistic development to those in need.  CBTL‘s Giving Journal has now produced over 40 graduates and continues to do so this year.

Coffee lovers and stationary collectors alike know the drill: nearing the ber-months means waiting for the launch of several planners and journals from different brands. After all, it’s a pretty good deal. You’re getting coffee, anyway; might as well get a reward for enjoying your regular coffee fix.

More so than this year’s design covers, though, what makes CBTL’s journals specials lie in the work put into each page inside. Almost each page tells a different and inspiring story for you to ponder on as you fix your schedule.  Some quotes even act as writing prompts!

Another special thing about this year’s journals is one of its designs. You can get the journal in Gray, Green, Blue and DIY. Yup, one of the covers lets you design and put your own personality into the journal to really make it your own.

Once you’ve designed it, you can even win CBTL vouchers if you post it on Instagram with the hashtags #2018GivingJournal and #traditionfgiving. If you win, you get more coffee after getting a journal from drinking coffee! It’s a never-ending coffee cycle and we are all for it!

Another unique thing to get you stacking up your CBTL coffee cups are the interesting pages inside that were handpicked by CBTL for us patrons!  More than just the illustrations are the information they provide as to where the profits from the 2018 Giving Journal goes to.  Here’s to leaving a legacy with Coffee Bean!

The best part is that it’s a win-win-win situation with the Giving Journal. You get the coffee, you get the journal, AND you get to do your part in giving back to the potential scholars that will benefit from Coffee Bean’s Tradition of Giving.  No matter how small you might think it is, what’s important is that you’re willing to do your part. Let’s make every Christmas season a season for giving and we’ll all be happy to celebrate it even when it’s not December.

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