Cocina Estefania: A Taste of Mestizo Cuisine That Takes You Back in Time

Craving for Mestizo cuisine? This combination of Spanish and Filipino flavors is Cocina Estefania‘s specialty! With a focus on traditional family recipes, the restaurant transports diners back to simpler times, when life revolved around hearty meals and close-knit family gatherings! Owned by Tania Montenegro Pla, a former actress with a passion for cooking, together with Chef Rock Duden, Cocina Estefania is one of the newest dining destinations in BF Homes.

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Photo by Gizelle Caoile

The heart of Cocina Estefania lies in its menu, which showcases a perfect fusion of both cuisines! From classic Spanish dishes like Callos, Paella, and Lengua to Filipino favorites such as Kare Kareng Bagnet and Bicol Express Bagnet, the restaurant offers a wide array of mouthwatering choices. Each dish is crafted with love, using traditional recipes passed down through generations, and served generously for the entire family’s shared dining experience!

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Photos by Gizelle Caoile

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Chef Tania’s cooking is among those that thrived during the pandemic. In fact, the journey of Cocina Estefania is rooted in her online food delivery services, including Mamita’s Ensaymada and Cheese Rolls and Matey’s Gourmet Kitchen! This success led to a partnership with Chef Rock Dauden of Rock’s Deli, initially serving their Spanish favorites online. Eventually, the pair expanded their offerings to include Filipino dishes.

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Their passion to share their love for cooking with the community has resulted in a dining experience that captures the essence of Mestizo cuisine and creates lasting memories for all who visit! Through its traditional comfort food selection, Cocina Estefania is absolutely a place that welcomes the elder community. It provides a sense of familiarity for those who yearn for the nostalgic flavors of their past, allowing diners to relive cherished memories!

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Photo by Gizelle Caoile

More than just a restaurant, it is also a time machine that brings diners back in time, when everyone gathered at the dining table to share good food and good stories! The Filipino-Spanish restaurant in BF Homes’ warm and inviting ambiance will make you feel right at home. Plus, combined with generous portions of flavorful Mestizo cuisine, it definitely brings families and friends closer together.

Cocina Estefania

240 BF Homes Parañaque

Facebook: Cocina Estefania

Instagram: @cocina.estefania