COC Moments 101: Which of These “Clash of Clans” Moments You Experienced?

Clash of Clans (COC) is an MMO (massively multiplayer online) strategy video game that first saw daylight in 2012. Three years after its birth, it has gotten worldwide popularity and even here in the Philippines, it is easy to spot someone playing COC. Even “Taken” star Liam Neeson is into COC.

Just say, “A-attack pa ko,” and fellow players will get it.

Trending on Twitter, COC Moments 101 is the hashtag used by netizens sharing their experiences with Clash of Clans. Some of them are funny while some of them are brutally true but injected with a little bit of humor.

Here are some of these COC Moments 101 shared on Twitter.

COC Moments 101 (8)(Image credit: MarggmallowPH)

When you’re village is under attack and the only thing you can do is watch your villagers die and your building crumble to the ground.

COC Moments 101 (2)(Image credit: @ryanpaoloreyes)

Yes, we’ve all been there.

COC Moments 101 (4)(Image credit: @oyRoger)

One star is still a win nonetheless. But it would have been way more awesome if it were three stars especially if it’s the total number of stars per team that matters.

COC Moments 101 (3)(Image credit: @jericsanjuan)

What can make a bad day worse? This. Definitely this.

COC Moments 101 (7)(Image credit: @itsshibylpabua)

When the Internet is so slow. 🙁

COC Moments 101 (5)(Image credit: @jeanjeandesu)

Of course, we all want this.

COC Moments 101 (6)(Image credit: @jeanjeandesu)

And this.

COC Moments 101 (9)(Image credit: @bluedelune)

Seeing a “That Thing Called Tadhana”-inspired farm base. WOW.

COC Moments 101 (1)(Image credit: @MgaPatama)

A few days ago, I was out chilling poolside somewhere in the city. While my friends are taking a dip in the pool and others are playing COC, I was busy playing COC too. However, I am fond of playing COC with sound on and I think a couple sitting on a chair nearby heard that I was playing the game. Upon hearing the sound of COC, the girl(friend) said to the boy(friend), “COC ka ng COC, wala naman yan nadadagdag sa buhay mo.”

I am sorry, lad.

What are your best COC Moments 101?

Share them with us!

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