Christmas Postcards and Photo Sessions by Imagine Nation Photography LIFE

When In Manila, capturing the Christmas spirit with your family, friends and loved ones has never been this fun!



I remember when I was younger, I used to receive a lot of postcards and greeting cards. And the whole experience of just looking at the photo in front and reading the note at the back or inside was just something that made me feel so special.  For someone to think of me, send it out, and handwrite that note made that moment very personal even if I wasn’t face to face with the sender.

With the internet, facebook, twitter, email and anything that could make our lives much faster – our generation has lost that sense of personal connection – more between family & loved ones.

Imagine Nation Photography, a group of young talented photographers, is making this Christmas more personal by coming out with its LIFE Christmas Postcards.

The fresh and fun styles don’t stop with just great pictures, it’s taken a notch hugher with the cutest designs turned into postcards.

When you’re slumped on what to give this Christmas, this token of thoughtfulness would just about be as good or even better than that gift you’re planning to buy at the mall or divisoria. 

Why?  Because a thousand words can be found in a picture, and your handwritten note in the back can be the tipping point of making someone smile, healing a relationship & forging stronger bonds.

Picture this on your ref, office desk or on the bedroom walls of family & friends. 




Cuteness overload! Never underestimate the power of a photograph and the emotions that are triggered when someone looks at it.


It can take you back to a time of happiness, innocence, merry making, family and friendships.  


LIFE Christmas postcards are available in 30 pcs.  The portrait session only is also an option.  You have a choice to have it in the studio or on-location (venue of your choice) like your home or at a park. With all the reunions coming up this season, this is the best time to get a creative team to capture those family moments.

Check out also their on-location shoots on Deal Grocer.  Offer expires in a few days!

When In Manila, there is more LIFE this Christmas season in the fun & stylish postcard portraits with LIFE (by Imagine Nation Photography).

LIFE by Imagine Nation Photography

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