Chris Cantada Force Releases Second Single ‘Always’

Chris Cantada Force is a Musician and Content Creator based in Manila, Philippines. He was the drummer for Platinum Award winning band Sponge Cola in 2002-2008. He then released his own solo album called Heartbeat back in 2011.

He took a break from music and concentrated on creating content on his YouTube channel, Chris Cantada Force, which has garnered approximately 1.54 Million subscribers. He decided to return to the music scene with his first single “Dragon, Fly”. Now, he has released his follow up single called “Always”. 

“Always” is a more upbeat song compared to his first single. It’s reminiscent of some of the 80s and 90s Power Pop Anthems he grew up listening to. 

Chris Cantada Force

Photo: Chris Cantada Force

“Always” was inspired by the 30th Anniversary Netflix Special, Power Rangers Once And Always. Chris made a name for himself outside the music industry by making content around one of his beloved franchises, Power Rangers. So it’s not a surprise that Chris would jump from making Fan Films in cosplay, to writing songs based on these spandex wearing heroes.

Chris usually records every instrument on his past releases, but for “Always” he wanted to expand his circle when it came to collaborating with other musicians. His former bandmate Erwin Armovit from Sponge Cola did the guitar solo, Inky De Dios of Brigada layed down some keyboards, and Sid Buan added some backing vocals. The song was recorded and mixed at Love One Another Studios, and produced by Joey Santos, who is also the producer for Sponge Cola’s latest records. 

Listen here: