Chooks To Go’s Fun and Exciting Kwelavan!

It was exciting to see bloggers from all walks of life converged, connected and interacted at Blogapalooza last Nov. 2013 at SM Aura.  Event sponsors have tried to be as creative as possible in designing their booths, giving away freebies and coupons to catch bloggers-visitors’ attention.  One of the major event participants though, which was a crowd drawer, was Chooks to Go booth popularly known for its tagline Masarap Kahit Walang Sauce!   This was apparently due to its interactive game Chikoy’s KWELAVAN which bloggers described as “innovative, fun and exciting to play.”



Chikoy’s Kwelavan is an interactive gaming console featuring the two new characters of Chooks-to-Go – Tom Crew and Chikoy.  Kwelavan consists of 3 games/challenges – Flying Chicken, Egg Escape, and Human Tetris. All 3 games require specific actions from the players in order to advance and win in each game.



For the Flying Chicken game, you will have to flap your elbows to fly higher (mimicking the flying chicken displayed on the screen) and reach the finish line. For Egg Escape, you must throw punches and kicks to break the egg that contains a chick. Last but not the least, for Human Tetris, you have to do difficult poses and get each one accurately to be able to fit in the holes.



As the Kwelavan games were unfolding and participants eagerly acting out in order to advance to the next level/challenge, spectators were cheering them on, just like audience watching a real sports tournament!  The winners received bountiful freebies such as whole roasted chicken and Chooks-to-Go shirts.



What we like about interactive games is its perceived health benefits for based on latest research. Inspired by Wii interactive gaming, Kwelavan drives players to be physically active by involving their arms, elbows, legs and other parts of their body.  This is much better than just watching a plain video while sitting on a chair, making one a couch potato more.




Customers of Chooks to Go should watch out for a surprise tour of Kwelavan in their area.  They may be spreading fun to students in a university in Luzon, the next day, they can be in Zamboanga rewarding their loyal Muslim customers. To be updated of the schedule of Kwelavan, just regularly check their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/chookstogo


And since we have already entered the Valentine month where red roses abound, you might want to tag along your date and enjoy the next Kwelavan when it visits your place.