LOOK: Chico Garcia Writes Touching Farewell Letter For Migrating Delamar

Chico Garcia and Delamar Arias have been inseparable for most of their entire career in radio as the famous duo of Monster Radio RX 93.1’s The Morning Rush show. And even as Delamar parted ways from the show in 2016—what many fans called “the end of an era”—their friendship remained the same, if not became even stronger than it was.

But now the two face yet another split: Delamar is finally migrating with her family to the USA, leaving Chico behind.

In a touching Facebook post, Chico announced Delamar’s last days in the Philippines and penned a farewell letter.

“Despedida for my sparring partner for a huge CHUNK of my life,” he began. “We were yen and young, bred and bother, sold and paper. We’ve seen the best and worst of each other, and yet we’re still actually friends.”

“We were right to trust fate when it brought our paths together, so I guess we should trust it again now that it has put a fork in our road. Who knows, maybe life has new awesome surprises for us in our soon very separate lives? When we did [The Morning Rush] it was our Ariel phase, because we were suddenly part of each other’s worlds. Now we channel a different Disney princess because we now face a whole new world,” he added.

Delamar, who is married to Tyler Ashby, will be moving to Utah with her three children: Cooper, Parker, and Harper Adeline.

Chico joked that he hopes Delamar keeps showing photos of him to the three kids “so they never forget their coolest tito (uncle).”

“So bye bye Miss American Pie, our loss is Utah’s gain, I’ll miss you terribly, and on the bright side, yahoo, I now have a US address for my Amazon purchases!” he concluded.

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