CEO in London Gives 1 Year Paid Leaves for Parents of Newborn Babies

As I am currently in that time of my life when all my friends are giving birth and having new members of their families, one question often comes up in our conversations, “are you getting a nanny?” A common question here in the Philippines but one that’s not easily answered. Most people would say YES not because they want to but simply because they didn’t have a choice. “I wish I could just stay home with my baby, but I have to work.” It’s sad that many households are left with this dilemma.

Here in the Philippines, moms-to-be are given 2 to 3 months off work while dads are only given a week! Though the week is reasonable given that the dad didn’t actually go to labor, I’m sure going back to work after a miracle has just been given to you would be one of the most difficult things to do. Especially when mom (or worse, the nanny) starts telling you how your son or daughter finally said his/her first words, walked his/her first steps, etc. It forces parents to put their jobs ahead of their family in a very unfair battle.

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Lucky for those working in the Virgin group of companies, their CEO Richard Branson just announced an added benefit for his employees: Parents with newborn babies are allowed to take a year off of work and still get paid! This after last year’s  announcement of “unlimited” vacations for employees just makes me want to quit my job and work for him! Branson’s decision clearly shows how he values the lives of his employees and really understands their role in the business.

“If you take care of your employees they will take care of your business. As a father and now a granddad to three wonderful grandchildren, I know how magical the first year of a child’s life is but also how much hard work it takes. I’m delighted that we can offer this support to our staff so that they can enjoy parental leave to the full as we continue to our work in changing business for good. Health and well-being in the workplace should play a critical part in every company’s thinking. The more you support your staff, the happier and healthier your business will be” shares Branson

Employees who have been with the company for more than 4 years are said to get the full 100% compensation, while newer ones get a smaller percentage – still one to be thankful for nonetheless. If CEOs and business owners take better care of their employees, there will be less turnovers in the company. Moreover, a happy employee will surely want to return the favor and take good care of your business for you.

So what do you guys think of this? I wonder when we’ll have a similar benefit here in the Philippines?

Know of any outstanding CEOs or companies here in the Philippines? Do share them with us so we can share them with other readers as well.

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