Catch the Virtual Play “Pound of Flesh,” an Adaptation of The Merchant of Venice, Starting October 28

In October 2021, the Ikarus Theater Collaborative will stream a virtual play, employing theatrical and cinematic techniques—an adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, called Pound of Flesh: Mga Anak ng Lupa. This adaptation of a Shakespearean classic transports us to a more contemporary setting. Instead of skimming along the canals of Venice, we are taken to Kanlan, where the May-i (a representation of Indigenous Filipinos) and the Manileños live—unfortunately—not in harmony. The play focuses on a court trial that will ultimately determine whether justice will be served. Silak, chieftain of the May-i people, goes to a local court after a land deal gone wrong. He challenges Antonio, the governor of the region. Antonio owes Silak a pound of flesh for failing to meet his end of the bargain.

Ikarus Theater Collaborative Pound of Flesh: Mga Anak ng Lupa Shakespeare The Merchant of Venice

The show will be accessible online from Oct 28 to November 4. Tickets can be purchased by going to

Pound of Flesh: Mga Anak ng Lupa is produced by the Ikarus Theater Collaborative with production assistance from Tito Cosejo Jr and Roleplayers. It stars Justin Ayran, CJ Maramara, Arielle Magno, Renzo Jimenez, Ahlex Leyva, Sandra Quintela, JP Basco, Natalia Go, Markus Aserit, and BJ Crisostomo. Production management and editing by Kit Singson. Production design by BJ Crisostomo and Kit Singson. Sound design by Marek Sison. Directed by BJ Crisostomo.