Carrie Fisher’s Thoughts On The Rogue One Cameo

Warning: some spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen Rogue One!

The latest Star Wars film, Rogue One had a lot of tricks up its sleeve: after arguably being the darkest Star Wars installment to date, it’s featured some nifty elements that pleased diehards of the franchise: it brought Grand Moff Tarkin back to life!

Peter Cushing, who played the ruthless military official in the original Star Wars trilogy, passed away in 1994. Yet as his character was vital to the film, which serves as a prequel to A New Hope, a recast simply wouldn’t do.

What did Carrie Fisher think about all this? According to John Knoll, Lucasfilm’s chief creative officer and visual effects supervisor, the Star Wars legend couldn’t have been more thrilled about it:

She was involved in the process and, you know, she saw the final result and she loved it. She got to see the scene. [Kathleen Kennedy, president of Lucasfilm] showed it to her. So, I got a call afterwards from Kathy saying, ‘Well, Carrie loved it.’

 It wasn’t just Moff Tarkin who got the CGI treatment though, but Carrie’s character herself as well, Princess Leia, made a surprise cameo at the end!
At least it’s comforting to know that Carrie was onboard the creative direction the new Star Wars films took.
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