Canadian Writer Irritates Netizens With Article About “PETA-Offending” Food In The Philippines

A writer for the Toronto Star has caused a bit of a stir online with an article where she describes trying out local food while visiting the Philippines. Judge for yourselves if it should be “Off with her head”, or if it’s much ado about nothing:


Freelance writer Rosemary Counter recently visited the Philippines and summed up her experiences with local food in an article called “PETA-offending treats on the menu in Philippines”. In this short and thoroughly unspectacular piece of travel writing – which you can read here – she describes how she tried various local foods, including Keso Ice Cream and Balut.

Nothing in the article seems particularly upsetting or offending at first glance, and maybe that is the reason why the author seems to have tried a bit of very mild and lazy sensationalism by using the term “PETA-Offending” in the headline and adding things like the “Ick Factor” to her descriptions of local delicacies. All not the end of the world by any means, and the light hearted tone of the article on balance actually seems to be quite positive.

That doesn’t seem to be the impression some people got from it, though, and a gentleman by the name of Dr. Robert Diaz, an Assistant Professor at OCAD University, was so offended by the piece, he started a petition on to have it removed.


In his petition – which you can see here, and which happens to be a whole lot longer than the actual article – Dr Diaz describes how, in his opinion, the article doesn’t measure up to the usual standard of the publication, how it lacks context, and how it conveys a tone which lacks impartiality and sensitivity.

I let you be the judge if poor Rosemary should be hung, drawn and quartered on her next visit to the country, or if it’s all just a storm in a teacup. Let us know what you think in the comments!


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