Cake Panda: Customized Chocolate Cakes to Tell People How Much You Love Them

While we’re all staying safe at home during this health crisis, there’s no doubt that some of us have been separated from our friends and family.

Technology does a big help in bringing us all closer together, but we know that food can also be the way to a loved one’s heart.

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If you’re looking for ideas to remind some people how much you care for them, here’s an easy one!

Why not send them a dreamy cake from Cake Panda? They offer indulgent cakes in tin cans that come with a customized message on top of it!

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Their bestseller? It’s the luscious chocolate cake that has a moist chocolate cake bottom layer, a dark chocolate ganache in the middle, topped with a hard chocolate shell, and covered with chocolate powder.

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It’s a surefire way to bring anyone’s spirits up!

If you’re not a big fan of chocolate, you can also enjoy their Red Velvet Dreamcake or Frozen Mango Dreamcake.

Cake Panda also offers delicious cookies—perfect to add to the cakes, or as a treat on its own.

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The messages on top of the chocolate cake are a real treat as well; it really brings the love straight to your friends and family’s doorsteps. It’s also a great way to remind people to stay safe at home!

While Cake Panda’s cakes are a perfect gift to send to your loved ones, it’s a pretty tasty treat for yourself as well. Why not indulge yourself? Try Cake Panda treats!

Cake Panda