BYS Philippines Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary with the Launch of BYS Fashion Week

Happy Birthday, BYS Philippines!

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In the crowded, fast-changing beauty landscape that’s driven by trends, celebrating 10 years is quite a feat BYS Philippines has deservingly achieved. A decade after iFace, Inc. introduced the Australian brand to our shores, BYS has been able to offer a distinctive omnichannel customer experience over the years.

This year is a testament to the growth and upstanding reputation BYS Philippines enjoys within the beauty community while continuously striving towards innovation, sustainability, and inclusivity. To exhibit: Though the pandemic seemed to have paralyzed the industry, BYS Philippines had a beast of a year, launching new products, supporting advocacies, and leading groundbreaking initiatives for the global brand.

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“Recognizing one’s age is only good if it establishes a timeless appeal that nods to its past achievements, but always looks relevant in the present, and still a formidable powerhouse in the future,” says Angie Goyena, president of iFace, Inc.

“We attribute the success of the brand to the priceless connections we have forged between us, the work we do, and the people we have touched. BYS Philippines has always been a brand that lets you be yourself, express yourself, love yourself harder, and break your stigmas. We are looking forward to the next 10 years,” she adds.

To celebrate this milestone, BYS Philippines will be launching BYS Fashion Week, a week of festivities and a display of the creative now in both fashion and beauty. After all, the two have long been entwined as a form of social language. We’ve all undergone our personal journeys with skin care, makeup, and clothes—and when we find it works, it’s glorious.

Lipstick is more than a waxy bit of color. A suit is more than a tangle of threads. There’s power that pulses through them—they tell a story, they capture a moment. The malleability and mercurial characteristic of clothes and makeup are what BYS Fashion Week sets out to put on view.

And amidst the grandness of its celebrations, BYS Philippines hopes to capture the true essence of modern fashion and beauty: the opportunity to create and play, the freedom to be yourself.

BYS Fashion Week 2022 Schedule

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Fashion shows have a reputation for coldness; however, BYS Fashion Week seeks to prove we wear our hearts on our sleeves. The three-day extravaganza will feature new and emerging designers who have been shaking things up.

On October 6, BYS Fashion Week kicks off with Russell Russel Villafuerte and Randolf Clothing who are both known for championing sustainability. This will be followed by a glamorous set inspired by the zest and sensuality of makeup featuring designers Jaz Cerezo and Cheetah Rivera.

On October 7, BYS Fashion Week pushes forward one of the brand’s advocacies, Break Your Stigma, with mental health advocate, Kaye Morales. In the evening, JustBonita takes the stage in a display of pop culture relevance.

On October 8, we undress to celebrate the skin we are in as Issa Pressman introduces her eponymous fashion label, Issa. To close BYS Fashion Week, we take you to the streets where self-expression is an art form, highlighting outfits by Cruz MNL and Thian Rodriguez barreling the catwalk.

BYS Fashion Week will also usher in the launch of new collections and collaborations, plus the biggest announcement yet. Stay tuned and be part of the festivities by registering here.

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