Burger Project – Biggest Baddest Burgers in Manila

You’re hungry. Your stomach is rumbling so bad it sounds like a bus rushing down EDSA. There is only one thing you want to do, and that’s to EAT. Satisfy your most intense cravings with a fully-customizable monster burger from The Burger Project.

Burger Project

Located at the Grand Towers, across Rizal Memorial Stadium, the unassuming burger joint is tucked away quietly in a corner of the ground floor. The colorful menu immediately strikes and play ‘hunger games’ on you (okay, that was a bad pun) – there is simply no way to resist drooling when you see the possible list of ingredients: Angus beef patties, chicken patties, onion rings, pesto paste, several kinds of cheese, eggs, mushrooms, lettuce, tomatoes… The list is literally a page long.



When in Manila, grab a Burger Project creation!



The Italian Stallion sounds, um, “flavorful”.






When creating a burger (and this is an exercise of patience, but WELL WORTH THE WAIT, believe me), you get to pick everything – from the dough to the patty to the sidings on the burger itself, Burger Project gives you complete and total freedom to make a burger as you like. Aptly named, in my opinion, as dining here is literally making ‘a burger project’.



I call this ‘the Sexy Burger’ – single-patty beef topped with onion rings, vegetables, pesto, and egg. Yum!



Good things can happen when Burger Project allows you to mix chicken patties and several kinds of cheese…



To wash down all the meaty goodness, the Burger Project offers filling and ice-cold milkshakes. The fruit-flavored ones actually have fruit bits, and the cookies-n-cream Burger Project ‘shakes have mini crunchy cookies in the glass. From food to drink, it’s all about amazing, tasty texture!



One for you, one for me, and another one for sharing! Great for hang-outs!



An interesting feature of almost every table at the Burger Project is the stack of tissues on each one. It’s a hint about how awesome it can get to grab a burger here: it’s worth the mess you’ll create after! The ambiance is decent, mellow enough to make you want to spend an hour or two grazing on huge burgers, spicy buffalo wings, and huge onion rings with friends! On a lucky day, you might even catch some celebrity athletes here!



The double-patty beef is sweating flavor. Great for the hungry man!



Or you could ‘shroom the heck out of your burger. Fantastic flavor and texture.



Since the meals at Burger Project are fully customizable, you are also in charge of how much you’ll be spending for a premium burger. An Angus beef double-patty combo with 4-5 toppings can easily set you back several hundred pesos, but a pre-selected Burger Project special (to save you time and trouble, if you wish) may cost as little as a couple of hundred pesos. Whichever one you opt for, you will NEVER leave the Burger Project hungry. That’s good enough for me to recommend this as an absolutely fantastic place to satisfy your hunger.



The scene is set for some satisfied hunger.



Worth the trouble 🙂



If you’re ever around the area, I’ll be happy to join you for some Burger Project goodness! My secret combination rocks, trust me. Like the Burger Project on Facebook, and follow it on Twitter!


Burger Project


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