Bistro Filipino by Chef Laudico: Putting Classic Filipino Flavors to Global Cuisine

Bistro Filipino’s Dim, Native-Inspired Interiors

Semi-Private and Public Dining Areas of Bistro Filipino

When In Manila, going fine dining, we usually think of Chinese, Malaysian, Japanese, Spanish, French and other foreign cuisine available in Manila but rarely do we equate Filipino cuisine with fine dining. There are people who see Filipino cuisine as common and crude but one lunchtime, a world-class chef proved otherwise. When In Manila team had a privilege of eating lunch with the culinary power tandem of Chef Roland Laudico and his wife, Chef Jackie Laudico who welcomed us the Bistro Filipino in Bonifacio Global City.

Would you believe this is a comfort room at Bistro Filipino?

Bistro Filipino’s logo on their Signature Plates

Bistro Filipino exudes both traditional and modern aura in the restaurant’s design. Dim lights coupled with traditional mattings exude simple elegance that defines what is Filipino, a modern Filipino. Chef Roland Laudico explains that Filipino cuisine should look to the future while connected to its roots. The decorations and restaurant motifs does make one hungry, more with Chef Roland‘s passionate exposition of his quest to develop Filipino cuisine as recognized¬†global cuisine.

¬†Bistro Filipino’s APPETIZER TRIO:

 We started off our lunch with a spiced appetizer trio of Gambas Flambe, Lumpia Ubod and Spicy Tuna Kilawin.

Bistro Filipino’s Gambas Flambe

I have mentioned before that I love gambas and the Gambas Flambe had me want more but was told to reserve stomach space for more Bistro Filipino wonders! Choice shrimp pieces flambeed in brandy, it has a distinctive spice with roasted chilis.

Bistro Filipino’s Ubod Lumpia

Lumpia Ubod is an interesting appetizer as well for it is an adaptation of the lumpia sold in the streets with bean sprouts as filling but this time, ubod or coconut core and etag ham were used. Etag is Cordillera’s¬†homegrown ham with tradition of making ham stretching to pre-colonial days. To avoid messy spills, frozen spiced vinegar was used. How innovative, isn’t it?

Bistro Filipino’s Spicy Tuna Kilawin

Spicy Tuna Kilawin gives a good touch to the appetizer trio with a balance of taste between coconut, chilis and calamansi. Mildly hot, slightly sour and a trace of sweetness, it is a harmony of flavors with fresh tuna slices that melts in the mouth.

Adobo Pidgeon Salad of Bistro Filipino

Bistro Filipino’s Nilaga Corn Chowder

From the bite-sized appetizers, things get bigger and tastier! If you are a salad fan and love adobo at the same time, Adobo Pigeon Salad will work to your liking. Pigeon meat cooked adobo style, stripped, thrown in a salad of mushrooms and organic romaine lettuce with an adobo-infused dressing. The Nilaga Corn Chowder is a curious case for it seems to be a marriage of Nilaga and Pochero de Cebu. Indeed, it was a blissful marriage and the crushed corn bits provided texture to the otherwise plain clear soup, enhanced with carrot, potato and French bean bits from the organic farms of Tagaytay City.

 Coco Loco or coconut-breaded Tilapia Fillet with Ubod

If all that was not enough, go loco with Bistro Filipino‘s¬†Coco Loco, a dish with everything coconut. Filipino cuisine has found many ways to cook using coconut and Coco Loco is a tribute to the Tree of Life. Tilapia fillet from fat tilapia was used and breaded with coconut shreds. The coconut-breaded fillet sits above a bed of stripped ubod or coconut core infused with curry sauce¬†which slight spiciness goes in hand with sweetness¬†and fullness of¬†ingredients¬†from coconut.

Layered Kare Kare of Ox Tripe and Wagyu Beef

To cap our lunch, Bistro Filipino served us Kare Kare, not the regular ones though with a soupy consistency but a layered Kare Kare! Crispy ox tripe on top of a big chunk of Wagyu Beef, sitting on a bed of green beans, banana heart, grilled egglants and peanut sauce makes yummy layers. Where is bagoong or shrimp paste? Its in the sauce for your convenience though you can ask for more if you want it fishier and saltier. Though a half portion, the serving is good for two persons to share.

Since we started with a trio, we ended with a dessert trio of Halo-Halo Sherbet, Frozen Brazo de Mercedes and Molten Chocolate Cake.

Halo-Halo Sherbet and Frozen Brazo de Mercedes at Bistro Filipino

Some say big things comes in small packages and that is true at Bistro Filipino with Halo-Halo Sherbet and Frozen Brazo de Mercedes. I wonder how the ingredients fit in one¬†shot glass but both are packed with flavor, as if you’ve eaten big servings.

Bistro Filipino’s Molten Chocolate Cake with Dulce de Leche

I have eaten versions of Molten Chocolate Cakes before but I have never tasted something like served at Bistro Filipino. This Molten Chocolate Cake is made of tablea chocolate which is healthier than other ones laced with too much sugar. Who knew that a small serving of this one can trump other versions of the cake?

Ice cream on top is made of Carabao’s Milk while the Dulce de Leche is best with Halo-Halo Sherbet. What is good is that Chef Jackie Laudico herself was the one who did our dessert!

When In Manila, tangkilin ang sarilig atin. Patronize Filipino cuisine for we too can be creative and deserve to have a space in the family of global cuisines. Dine at Bistro Filipino and be ready to discover culture with every bite. We would like to thank Chef Ronald and Chef Jackie for sharing their time and passion for us to share as well to fellow Manila foodies. Do visit Bistro Filipino‘s Facebook Page and drop a comment or two about this blossoming Filipino fine dining restaurant.

 Bistro Filipino by Chef Laudico

Net 2 Tower 28th St. corner 3rd Avenue,

Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, MM

Contact Number: (02) 856 0634


When In Manila photos by JoTan23, write-up by Rep√ļblica Negr√©nse.

Bistro Filipino by Chef Laudico: Putting Classic Filipino Flavors to Global Cuisine

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