Birth a Wildfire

Written by Hyacinth Ashley Flores 

Our children are said to be the bearers of our hope, but when hope dims out, where do we find our light? 

The rapid escalation of political-economic and health crises whips the country relentlessly, causing many Filipinos to struggle with the harsh consequences they effectuate. As Filipinos drown in the cacophony of rising prices, overarching threats to safety, and worsening living conditions, earning a peso or two has now become an extremely daunting task. During these trying times, survival feels like an uphill battle. But at a time when it has become a luxury to even feed oneself, how do we fend for others who can’t fend for themselves? As we scramble to keep ourselves afloat, how do we teach our children to keep swimming? 

Wanderlust Main Pub

The pandemic has robbed children of various things–the freedom to play, experience their early days of schooling, and their chance to socialize with peers among others. While normalcy is still in question, it is undeniable that there may be substantial repercussions, as the pandemic had turned their world from vivid splashes of iridescence into mere grayscale sketches. 


The UP Geodetic Engineering Club (UP GE Club) envisions bringing these colors back–to take little steps toward alleviating children’s stresses caused by the pandemic. As part of its mission to give back to its community, the organization arranges volunteer work and outreach programs dedicated to serving the less fortunate members of society. This year, UP GE Club hopes to aid the children of Sitio Dumpsite in Antipolo, Rizal through an outreach program called “Wanderlust”. 


Wanderlust envisions a blissful community of children ready to transition into face-to-face learning after years of being tucked away in the confines of their homes. The program will be realized on October 29, 2022, through the distribution of art materials, health kits, and snacks for children ages 3 to 6. The donation drive will start on October 1-19, 2022 with the help of different charitable organizations and sponsors. Along with UP GE Club’s pursuit of quality education for all, it is hoped that this outreach will make a small but positive impact on the lives of the Antipolo children, jumpstarting their transition to face-to-face classes with adequate supplies for both education and health. With this, the organization seeks help from like-hearted benefactors to realize this vision of not only helping the kids but also inspiring others to do the same. While it is fitting to battle the socioeconomic woes that ripple through our society, it is also important to take a minute to look around and see who really needs our help–our little people. For in this world of atrocities, hope lies within gleeful eyes and innocent smiles. 


The pandemic has surely altered the world, perhaps changing our fate and dimming our hopes, but it is with kindness that we make this world a little brighter. After all, when hope dims out, we don’t just wander blindly–we light a spark to ignite it. 


Kindness is a frail, endangered thing,

Yet here you are, your heart brimming with it,

So in this blinding uncertainty of a chaotic tale,

I hope you never stop caring and giving,

Because it is with kindness that we make the world a little softer—

It is that single ember that births a wildfire.