Bigfish Innovation White 2012


When in Manila, one shouldn’t be surprised by the numerous events that keep the city alive. Last month, Bigfish International together with Freedom music transformed the world trade center into one huge mecca of Trance fanatics — Bigfish Innovation White.         





I was never really a Bigfish fan.


Funny how I ended up at the world trade center one Saturday night in a super tight, flaw-defining white dress and 5-inch pumps, with every bit of the party girl in me. I thought it was going to be a usual night out. I expected strobe lights and fist pumping music, drinks everywhere and people getting too buzzed to walk home.


But before I stepped into the cocoon of semi-drunk and super sweaty sea of people, I took part in the press con, where we got to meet the performers for the night. By the way, Emma Hewitt was the only artist whose music I was familiar with and she sounds divine so I was eager to see how she looked like — in the flesh.



                         Performers from L-R: Myon&Shane54, Cosmic Gate, and Emma Hewitt     



True enough, she was ultimately captivating and was well fitted for her title as the First Lady of Trance. She’s well respected by her fellow performers who have collaborated with her such as the duo, Cosmic Gate – whom I was lucky enough to experience just before my boyfriend dragged me home.


Myon and Shane54 were also there along with the Russian star Bobina, and Bigfish’s Chris Raeuber and John Paul Lee.





Innovation White was one of the most awaited parties in the Metro and what compelled me to take on the challenge of surviving the kind of night Jay-sean describes as “Bottles popping til’ we can’t stand, we keep it rocking til’ 6am” is the fact that I was curious and I wanted to experience it myself. YOLO!


Nothing to lose – that is, if you keep yourself sober enough to look after your things til’ you get home, which I hardly do. Oops. But aside from that, my friends who are die-hard trance fans have said nothing but good things about it. Good vibes all the way.


And a night of good vibes it was, indeed.









It’s too bad I wasn’t able to stay the whole night, though the first few hours were exciting. The production was amazing complete with a stimulating display of fireworks every now and then. It was a night where our spirits seemed one – where our worlds stopped for a moment and our hearts beating at the same rate, surviving solely through the music that surrounds us.





The whole atmosphere was magical. You had no choice but to succumb to a surreal realm of crazy euphoria with everyone feeling like they’re the best dancer in the world. 





As I had mentioned, Emma was the only artist I was familiar with but surely the others were equally sensational. Cosmic Gate had me acting like possessed monkey, which is probably why my boyfriend forced me to go home. Haha. My friends and I couldn’t stop shuffling our feet, bobbing our heads, and amusing ourselves with the different characters present in the venue. There were people who wore huge angel wings, furry boots, and all sorts of things you can only imagine.


I guess it’s a Bigfish requirement cause even Emma wore these Victoria’s Secret inspired wings for her performance. Well, I guess that’s something to remember for Innovation white 2013. I also have to remind myself that next time, I should wear freakin’ flats. No wonder people dressed down. When I got home my feet hurt like crazy. 



Trance is the kind of music you get lost in. Not everyone can appreciate it, especially those who feel that they need lyrics to be able to relate to music.


But no one says no to good times + danceable tunes + booze + orgasmic lights + an arm’s length away from gorgeous lady.


When in Manila, don’t dare miss the annual Bigfish Innovation White party. Come in white.




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Bigfish Innovation White 2012


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