BEWARE: New Modus Operandi Where “Hired Guns” Ask For Money

When in Manila, or anywhere else, it is good to stay aware of certain modus operandi from ill meaning characters. This netizen experienced first hand one of these “operations” and here’s what happened:

Source: Jowell Carlos Mariano

Full text:

Sharing this for awareness:

Last Tuesday night at almost 12am, a guy with an unknown number (0926 095 9026) called me and introduced himself as Raymond Dominguez. He knew my name. He told me he was responsible for bringing guns for hire in Mindanao and Manila. He also said that he was hired to take me and my family out and that he had already sent out 5 of his people to get us, but that his conscience couldn’t take killing us all because the original contract was just for me. So he decided to call me and give me a chance to save myself.

Basically what he wanted was for me to send money through M. Lhuiller or Smart Padala or he would take us out. While he was being a really talkative dick, I remembered there were similar cases of this in the wedding industry. So when our call got cut, I just ignored his next 13 calls. He was really persistent as he tried til 3am.

If you get the same kind of call, don’t panic. At first I did, but thankfully realized that this has been happening recently. Had I not been aware from other suppliers posting about it, I might have given in because I feared for our lives. But that’s all they’re counting on, your fear and panic at a time when almost everyone’s asleep or inaccessible. 

The next morning, I found out that the same thing happened to at least two other suppliers in the industry. The other person got the call from the same number. 

Found these links on this kind of modus. Same style, almost identical story. I suggest you try to listen and be familiar with it.


With audio:…/listen–scammer-tries-to-extor…

Feel free to share and stay safe everyone!

Stay safe everyone!