Better Than New Showroom Sparkle? We Put Ziebart Diamond Gloss Paint Protection To The Test

Better Than New Showroom Sparkle? We Put Ziebart Diamond Gloss Paint Protection To The Test

For most people, buying a car is the second biggest purchase in life right after buying a house. Days, weeks and even months can pass checking car sites, reading reviews and test driving potential candidates before money finally changes hands. Once your new pride and joy is safely parked outside your house, chances are you want to keep it looking as shiny and beautiful as it did on the first day. This is what Ziebart and their Diamond Gloss™ paint protection promise to do, so follow us as we put their claims to the test! 

Ziebart-Diamond-Gloss-Makati-Porsche (4)The patient for our test: a beautiful example of German engineering, ready to receive some added sparkle

I bet you still remember that showroom sparkle when you first received the keys to your new pride and joy. The silky smooth surfaces you glanced along to check for even the slightest blemish. The eagle eyed look across every corner and angle of the car to make sure it doesn’t have the slightest imperfection, and finally the enjoyment of seeing the sun reflect of it as the seller congratulated you on your new purchase. This sparkle can suffer greatly in the harsh environment of Metro Manila, where acid rain, smoke belching vehicles and road debris will quickly take the shine off your paint if you don’t do something about it. 

Enter Ziebart, a company that promises to have the solution to all your paint protection needs. According to the company, Ziebart Diamond Gloss™ is the ultimate in paint protection, was developed from aerospace paint technology, and produces the hardest protective shell ever. It also comes with an annually renewable Lifetime Guarantee against loss of gloss and against all paint damaging environmental conditions, and as if all that wasn’t enough already, the company also claims that it is resistant against fuel spill staining, and that it also resists dirt build up better than any product in the market today.

Ziebart-Diamond-Gloss-Makati-Porsche (2)The result: sparkling like new outside the Ziebart office in Makati

Never one to take claims for face value, we decided to put Ziebart to the test by having a car treated with the Diamond Gloss™ service and then examining the results afterwards. Seeing as Kurt Ziebart himself was originally from Germany, it seemed just right and fitting to choose a fine German automobile for this task, and so on one lovely Saturday morning we pulled into the Ziebart Makati branch along Chino Roces Avenue with a classic Porsche 911 in need of some tender loving shininess.

Ziebart-Diamond-Gloss-Makati-Porsche (1)Silky smooth and sparkling from every angle after it got the Ziebart treatment.

The whole procedure takes around four hours to complete, and while we went for a coffee and a stroll around Makati, discussing if RWB Porsches are actually art or simply rubbish and how to best solve the Manila traffic problem, the guys at Ziebart went to work on giving the 911 its original showroom shine back. The treatment includes cleaning of the car body and degreasing of the tires and mag wheels, polishing the cleaned paint before hand-applying Ziebart Diamond Gloss™ with a special applicator pad, using a special Orbital Buffer to give the vehicle that long-lasting Diamond-like Gloss, and finally detailing the entire exterior, polishing the chrome, grille and wheels as well as cleaning the tires, jambs and glass inside and out.

Ziebart-Diamond-Gloss-Makati-Porsche (3)Timeless beauty sparkling like new with Ziebart Diamond Gloss™

So the big question now is: did it work? The answer is yes, and the pictures on this page will hopefully attest to that. The car has a noticeable shine to it that really makes it look as if it had just left the factory in Zuffenhausen, and the timeless curves of the 911 sparkled beautifully in the afternoon sun. Silky smooth to the touch even on the relatively old paint of this classic Porsche, it seems the protective shell is now well and truly in place and ready to protect this vintage vehicle from the negative effects of driving on local roads. The guys at Carsavers, the local Ziebart franchise, can do a whole lot of other services as well, so if your car needs a bit of TLC to return it back to showroom condition, then get in touch with them to discuss your requirements and experience the Diamond sparkle for yourself:

Carsavers / Ziebart Philippines

2226 Chino Roces Avenue Corner Don Bosco St.
Makati, Metro Manila 1231 Philippines
Phone: 818 7777


Better Than New Showroom Sparkle? We Put Ziebart Diamond Gloss Paint Protection To The Test