Ben&Ben: A Magical Night at The Warehouse

In 2017, my roommate introduced me to a set of rising indie bands: December Avenue, Autotelic, IV of Spades and Ben&Ben. And that’s where everything started. While I loved all of the aforementioned bands, IV of Spades and Ben&Ben captured my heart the most. Because of all of the hugot in their songs, millennials can definitely relate.

I really wanted to hear these indie artists live, so when I found out that I would be seeing Ben&Ben (albeit very far from where I live), I braved the rain and the heavy traffic just to witness and to listen to them live.

I arrived before Ben&Ben’s set and was able to witness new indie bands Rubberpool, Marlon Bermudez with the Chasers, Watashiwats, Songs of Friday, and Sleepist. I especially loved Songs of Fridays and Watashiwats’ vocalist because of her super energetic vibe,

1 - Ben_Ben at The Warehouse

Marlon Bermudez with the Chasers9 - Ben_Ben at The Warehouse

Songs of Fridays
18 - Ben_Ben at The Warehouse

26 - Ben_Ben at The Warehouse

Soon after that, Ben&Ben played their first song, Sunrise, a single that they had just released two weeks ago about being positive in life. With this song, Ben&Ben started the show full of positivity.

37 - Ben_Ben at The Warehouse

The next song that Ben&Ben played was Bibingka. You could practically already feel the Christmas vibe with this song. Since Heneral Goyo, will be showing in cinemas soon, Ben&Ben also played “Susi”, which is part of the movie’s soundtrack. This is new, as well, and was therefore still fresh to the ears of some people.

After that, they sang “Leaves”, which is about forgiveness. I got teary-eyed listening to the song because I can personally relate to its message of forgiveness and believing that “All will be alright in time.” There’s always a pinch in my heart when I listen to that song.


The next Ben&Ben song was “Maybe the Night”, which made me wish I had a special someone by my side. You can feel really the love through that song. There was a surprise while this song played, as well. Miguel Guico of Ben&Ben asked the crowd to turn on their flashlights for some magical concert vibes. I really wish I had someone with me that night. Just kidding.


Without introducing the song, I was shocked when I heard the intro since this is my favorite Ben&Ben song, “Kathang Isip”. I think that this is the crowd’s favorite song, as well, since everyone was singing along with the band all throughout the song. It’s probably because of the song’s hugot.


Ben&Ben’s last song was Ride Home, the perfect song to end the set since it is about going home to a loved one. For me, though, it symbolized going home with Ben&Ben’s vibe and positivity.

The crowd was super active and sang along to most of the songs in the set. The interaction between the band and the crowd is so good, too.


After Ben&Ben’s set, there was a meet-and-greet session, and we were lucky enough to get a photo opportunity with them.


The band Sleepist ended the show with their set.

I’m so glad I was able to witness this awesome night despite the weather and heavy traffic. There is definitely a future for indie music in the OPM scene. Let’s all support our Filipino artists.



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