New Stories, New Sounds, New Album: Ben&Ben Opens Up on Their Plans for 2024

Ben&Ben has had a great 2023, from touring around the world, releasing banger hits, and securing the well-deserved crown of Spotify Top Local Artist of the Year. And despite all the success, it seems that the nine-piece band has yet to slow down, churning out more and more surprises for their fans as the months go by.

In an exclusive interview with Ben&Ben, asked them to describe how the past year has impacted their growth as individuals and as a group and what they have planned up their sleeves this 2024.

BenBen Langyang Pagibig

Photo / Ben&Ben

Hi Ben&Ben! First off, what a year you’ve had. What are some of the most memorable moments for you?

Ben&Ben: 2023 was an especially eventful year, and a definite highlight was all the travels we had — from starting the year with a fun trip together to Hong Kong Disneyland before performing at the Clockenflap Music Festival to ending it with our first major concert at the Coca Cola Arena in Dubai. We also traveled to Australia for the first time and held a few busking sessions after our show in Sydney where so many people showed up.

What have you learned from each other this past year?

Ben&Ben: So much — it’s a rare opportunity to live some of your most pivotal years alongside the same group of people. And we really learned so much about life and what it means to grow as we navigate through it. 2023 was a year we experienced a lot of “growing pains” together, be it physically, emotionally, mentally, or socially. We stuck together even in those toughest times — this brought us a deeper understanding of one another. We’ve also grown as individuals, far from who we were when we were still the nine kids who started their journey in 2017.

And what an amazing journey it has been since. Congratulations, by the way, on being named Spotify Top Local Artist of the Year! What does being the Spotify Top Local Artist of the Year mean for you all and your music?

Ben&Ben: We took a big risk this year, starting it off with a new sound, a new look. So, being the Spotify Top Local Artist of 2023 gives us validation that our audience is ready and willing to grow with us as well. Through the many changes that life puts us through, we get to write about the varying life experiences we have as we get older, and we hope that our music continues to serve our listeners in their ever-changing lives as well.

How significant has Spotify been as a music streaming platform in your journey as a band, particularly in reaching audiences worldwide?

Ben&Ben: Spotify has been instrumental both in how our music gets discovered, and how we discover new music. We like keeping ourselves inspired, and we really feel that our different individual music tastes contribute to the depth and diversity of the music we create.

How has the local music industry evolved during your time as a band and how do you adapt to those changes?

Ben&Ben: There have definitely been so many changes throughout the years, especially after the pandemic. So many people have been trying out new ways and new approaches for their music career, and people in general also consume more music. This brings us excitement and challenges us to discover our own distinctive route, too. We do our best to follow what we think is the best for us — and there is beauty in how things almost never end up exactly how you planned them to be.

Let’s talk about the future. Can you share what upcoming projects and collaborations you have that your fans can look forward to?

Ben&Ben: Look forward to Album 3!

Lastly, describe your plans as a band in 2024 in one sentence.

Ben&Ben: 2024 is a year when Ben&Ben will continue telling new stories entwined with new sounds and experiences.

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We can’t wait to hear what they’ve been cooking up in the studio! What are your thoughts on this? Share them in the comments below!

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