Behind the Magic of Engkanto Brewery—Manila’s Newest Craft Beer

The way we Filipinos understand beer is this: it comes in bottles. Don’t get me wrong, nothing wrong with bottled beers, we all enjoy them, but kegged beers poured through tap is the ultimate experience—you don’t miss out on the aroma which instantly tells you it’s freshly brewed.

A New Favorite Is Brewing: Engkanto Brewery

Our team dropped by the Engkanto Brewery, where well…magic is brewed into a well-crafted glass of beer. Judging from the facade of the building, you really couldn’t tell that the structure is a brewing facility. The inside looks like your ordinary office space with isolated couches and a well-matted floor; but it’s when they take you inside (it’s a bit of a maze going to the actual brewery) and see where all the magic happens that makes it all worth it.

Ian and Josh, owners of the Engkanto Brewery, greeted us with smiles when we entered the brewing facility—you kind of know at that point that good times are ahead. As soon we stepped in, you’d notice that the facility is hard at work; primarily because in a span of 24 hours, they were officially launching their brand to the market.

A New Favorite Is Brewing: Engkanto Brewery

Engkanto’s beers are receptive of the local palate. Ian and Josh are very much aware that Pinoys like the light and crisp in a beer compared to the heavy taste of European drinkers (Germans represent!). So for the palate that seeks beer that’s not too heavy and a bit sweet, the lager is for you.

A New Favorite Is Brewing: Engkanto BreweryFresh from the tap and poured into their customized beer glass.

If you want the same alcohol kick but with a lasting flavor and aroma, the Blond Ale might work for you. As soon as the drink hits your taste buds, it makes a lasting taste coming from a burst of flavors.

A New Favorite Is Brewing: Engkanto BreweryA taste of the different beers they have in the brewery.

Pretty sure you have those times when you’re half into drinking your heart out and a half into just enjoying your drink. So if you’re on the lookout for something ‘just right’, opt for the Pale Ale.

From the IPA combo (IPA and Double IPA), there’s a pretty obvious difference.

The alcohol content is 7% and 8.5% respectively, and another distinct feature that differentiates one from the other: the Double IPA lets you in in a more tropical vibe for a more fruity taste.

A New Favorite Is Brewing: Engkanto Brewery

As we have learned from this peek at what happens behind the curtains, the process of making good beer as Engkanto Brewery does is tedious. Both Ian and Josh admitted that it was pretty difficult to manage everything at first, but it was a worthy risk because it was a learning experience for them. They do it and continue to do so because they love and enjoy what they’re doing. And because it’s tedious, the results are amazing—it’s fresh and it’s authentic.

The name of the brand truly lives up to its name. Engkanto, a name truly Filipino, is all about magic and enchanting things—and that is exactly what they live up to.

Engkanto Brewery

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Photos by Xin Sy