Beauty and the Beast with BIS


By: Ms. May Oribe from Britesparks International School

The beauty of a Sparkan heart

               The fairytale story was once a part of our childhood. Then, Disney decided to turn it into a classic movie cartoon. Now, the characters of Belle, the once handsome Beast, and the talking tea set, candelabra, piano, and clock have come to life in the 2017 live-action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast.

               Britesparks International School did not miss out on the chance of seeing the film – but not just for entertainment, but for a cause. This year, the school hosted a fundraising event thru a block screening entitled “Beauty and the Beast with BIS: A Block Screening and Cosplay Event”.It was held at Eastwood Cinema last March 18, 2017.

               This event was a milestone for the school as we were able to assist in the procurement of the medical device needed by children who are afflicted with hydrocephalus.

Beauty and the Beast with BIS 2017 (78)

               The success would definitely not be possible without the help of our supportive parents, guardians, and students who understood that with the amount that they used to purchase the tickets would mean a lot to those who are in need. The event was already sold-out two weeks before the actual event day.

               Moreover, Britesparks International School would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to our event sponsors: Nestlé Chuckie, JSA, Leslie Corporation, SRDC Worldwide, Mt. Holly, Food Panda, LouverWise, Inc., Astig.Ph, and Mint Salon and Spa. BIS would also want to thank our media partners, Astig.PH, and Inquirer Pop!