Basketball Coach Mavs, Spartan PH Athletes, and Omega E-sports Players Unleash Their Toughness at the Mio Gear Playground

Are you tough enough? Yamaha Motor Philippines just turned up the heat this summer with the Mio Gear Playground where sports, urban, and outdoor enthusiasts came together! Here, everyone was encouraged by the established motorcycle brand to #PlayYourTough – giving that extra push you need to ride through every challenge, master the hustle, and forge your way to an unbreakable lifestyle.


Just as how the Yamaha Mio Gear can provide you with the support you need to be gritty and relentless in facing and overcoming every obstacle along the way, the MIO Gear Playground featured a series of competitions that were chosen to bring out your maximum tenacity and dedication. These contests aim to push their physical and mental capabilities in order to break through their limits and inspire them to do more incredible things!



Previously set in the Mall of Asia Music Hall, it is divided into three main areas of play: a 3×3 basketball challenge where selected ballers went head-to-head against Coach Mavs Phenomenal Basketball team, a Spartan obstacle course where athletes attempted to beat the country’s top Spartans, and a Call of Duty mobile competition where gamers battled versus the Omega E-Sports team from Mineski!



People also got to witness the toughness of the Yamaha Mio Gear on display at the playground.  Fully equipped for the demands of the urban, outdoor, and sporty lifestyle, the Yamaha Mio Gear promises an economical, powerful, and reliable driving experience! You can also read about the specifics here.


And that’s not all – the Mio Gear playground is also set to unleash toughness around the nation soon! So Cebu and Davao, get ready to #PlayYourTough in the coming months and stay tuned for announcements from Yamaha Motor Philippines online!

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