Banna Harbera’s Sorrys & Goodbyes Music Video Launch is Coming and Here’s What You Should Watch Out For


Banna Harbera is most known for their song Sorrys & Goodbyes because it reached deep into people’s heartstrings. People recognize it as a ‘hugot’ song from their usually smooth and dancey tunes.

On the last Saturday of April, the band will launch their first music video of the same song and they want you to celebrate with them.

Teaming up with Spaceman Pictures, Banna Harbera hoped to add visual to the song and tell a compelling story about love and heartbreak. They worked together closely to make sure that the video captured the same intensity and emotion of the song. Music video director Miggy Pablo was very hands-on, but he’s confident that the band’s personality is still felt in the final cut.

To fire up the night, Banna Harbera will be performing, as well as these must-not-miss special guests: Jensen and the Flips, MilesExperience, Rob and the Hitmen, Tom’s Story, and Mayonnaise.

‘Sorrys & Goodbyes’ music video launch is happening on April 29, 2017 at Saguijo Bar and Cafe in Makati. The event is supported by Yellow Room Music Philippines and Luna Production.

Banna Harbera is a five-piece band that captivates their audience with soul and funk. Jake Masigan plays guitar, he writes most of their songs with the help of their keyboardist Theo Blanch. Josh Planas is the band’s bassist and Patrick Felipe plays drums. Yzabel Torres vocally leads the band with a voice that lingers even after the songs. Follow them on their social media accounts (@BannaHarbera) and stream their music on Spotify.